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As you can imagine, Passover season at Nutcracker Sweet can get pretty hectic. This year, Passover and Easter are at the same time so we are selling lots of different types of baskets to our customers!  Often at times people wonder how we’re able to provide such an extensive variety of beautiful gifts for both holidays—to which we answer that all of our customers are important to us, and our main goal is to fulfill the gifting needs of every single customer. When you look at it that way, having both Passover and Easter gift baskets seems like the normal thing to do! 

At Nutcracker Sweet we are proud to offer Passover gift baskets. We know that not all gift basket companies offer this service, and we take pride in our consideration of all holidays and occasions. Of course, our Passover baskets are strictly Kosher for Passover. A Passover gift basket is a great choice to send to the Seder host, as well as family and friends that you may not get a chance to see over the holiday. And, as always, each basket contains beautiful, delicious, high-quality products that are sure to please. Our baskets all include our exclusive Parve Belgian Dark Chocolate creations–exquisite Almond Bark, yummy Raisin Clusters and bold flavoured Espresso Chocolate Thins.  When we design our baskets, we keep the customer in mind. We know the kinds of treats people like to eat during Passover, and we know that they have to be extra-yummy so they don’t think about bread! Our design team puts a lot of thought into crafting each ideal gift for Passover—all to ensure that your holiday is special.   Call us direct or order on line.

As an added convenience to our customers, we will be open Saturday March 28th from 11am-4pm for personal shopping.  We know the weeks leading up to Passover are crazy and hectic, what with planning the seders, buying food, and cleaning the house. At Nutcracker Sweet, we make it as easy as possible for you. If you’d prefer you can come to our store, however, all of our baskets are available online with a full description of the contents, and we deliver! A Passover gift can be a phone call away if you’re busy!

We hope that at Nutcracker Sweet we’ve provided a fabulous Passover gifting option; to send a gift basket in Toronto or anywhere in the GTA . We thank all of our clients for their continuous support and wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday– Chag Sameach!

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