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Gifting an expectant friend, family member, neighbour, or co-worker with a baby gift basket brimming with carefully selected baby products is a great way to tick boxes for luxurious, cute, and practical gifts. It also can factor in a precious keepsake, too. Better still, who doesn’t love multiple gifts?

If you’ve been toiling over what to give parents-to-be, we can help. We’re nearing 40 years of experience in the gift-giving game, and with that, we can confidently say that we know what parents both want and need. Let us help take the pressure off. We have sourced some of the most high-quality, must-have baby products from top brands in our carefully crafted baby gift baskets — and we know that the newest little one and their parents deserve the very best.

Here, we’re featuring some of our favourite baby care products and luxury gifting solutions that represent the importance of the occasion itself. So whether you’re looking for baby shower gift basket ideas, or if you’d like simply like to treat yourself before the arrival of your little one, we hope that our top baby product selection helps.

An Adorable Plushie

First in our best baby products choice is a silky soft and cozy Jellycat stuffed animal. If you’ve never heard of Jellycat, get ready to learn all about them! Jellycat plushies are a must-have cuddly toy for kids of all ages; they make for a charming first stuffed animal and are sure to soothe baby to sleep every night.

These toys are a popular feature in our luxury baby gift baskets. So much so, we frequently have customers ordering replacement rabbits, unicorns and dinosaurs following the loss of a much-loved plushie when one is damaged or it’s set for a good wash and prying the much-loved toy away for a spin cycle is just too challenging.

We feel so confident that a Jellycat stuffy will be met with adulation that they’re included in many of our baby gift baskets. We also offer Jellycat gift set options that include a plushie and a complimentary book. Each is a beautiful add-on to a basket or a gorgeous token gift.

Jellycat plushies will become a keepsake toy, bringing countless years of pleasure and comfort.

Sweet, Yet Practical, Onesies and Sleepers

Parents-to-be will always be happy to receive onesies for their newest little. It goes without saying that newborns need lots (and lots!) of onesies. We’ve included soft, luxurious, and 100% cotton onesies in many of our baby baskets — a boon if the parents prize natural baby products. Cotton is also hypoallergenic and an incredibly low-maintenance fabric, making it ideal for babywear.

Each onesie or sleeper is delightfully colour-themed to complement the other baby care products in the selection. For example, take our baby boy gift basket ideas — each onesie charmingly matches the other items in the basket. Just like in our Starlite basket, filled with tasteful grey gifts, including a onesie, toy, book, and a soft cotton hat, gifting is a breeze.

This attention to detail is especially beneficial if the parents have picked a colour scheme for their nursery; all the new baby products in the luxury basket will seamlessly integrate with the room’s stylings.

A close-up of a baby lying wrapped in a pale pink blanket with a pacifier in their mouth


We would be remiss not to include high-end baby accessories in our list of best baby products and in our gift baskets, too! Accessories like mitts, headbands and toques are a practical necessity for new parents, and having multiples is always a smart idea.

In many of our baby gifting solutions, like in our baby girl gift baskets, we’ve included 100% cotton hats or headbands that are as cute as they are practical.

A Soft Blanket

Blankets are always great to have on hand; they’re a necessity when soothing baby to sleep and will offer years of practical use as baby grows. Many of our baskets include a swaddle or a blanket that playfully complements the basket’s theme.

If the recipients are eager to receive natural baby products, then no problem! Many of our blankets are 100% cotton or muslin and cotton.

Silicone Baby Accessories

Silicone is a great material for baby products — like bibs, bowls, plates, sippy cups, and spoon sets. It’s durable, easy to clean, and unlike plastic, it doesn’t leach harmful chemicals. Our team has carefully selected silicone service ware for many of our baskets, including bibs and teethers, some of which are proudly designed Canadian baby products, like those offered by Lil North Co.

An Activity

In addition to the practical and adorable luxury baby gifts and baby products in our baskets, we proudly include various activities. We feature high-contrast and classic kids’ books — like The Hungry Caterpillar and titles by Dr. Seuss — teething rings, multi-textured toys that encourage tactile investigation, and silicone teethers (to name just a few!).

Baby Bath Products

Some of our luxury baskets feature baby bath products, including shampoos and body washes; each are soft and extra gentle on a baby’s skin. We have strategically picked natural baby products from brands that pride themselves on creating products that support and nourish sensitive skin during critical stages of development.

Customized Additions

We proudly offer personalized baby gift baskets in Canada and across the U.S. By adding customized elements, you can make your gift truly unique and special, showing the recipients just how excited you are for them.

Here, you can elevate your gift by including a baby product embellished or embroidered with the baby’s name. We can gladly customize a Jellycat stuffy (yes — even a Jellycat stuffy!), an adorable baby toque, a onesie, a keepsake treasure chest — and more!

We can also add a customized baby ribbon to any basket for just $5 CAD.


Our extravagant, luxury Toronto gift baskets aren’t just for baby, but they’re for the parents, too. Products are carefully selected from high-quality brands that straddle practicality and luxury while keeping up to date with current health standards.

So, if you’re looking for new baby gift baskets in Toronto and if you’d like a special gifting solution shipped anywhere across North America — reach out today. We can gladly help you select a gorgeous basket that’s laden with beautiful baby products, and with any of our gorgeously customized options.

The Nutcracker Team

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