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This year sees Mother’s Day falling on Sunday, May 14th. Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to let your mom — or a motherly figure in your life — know how important and loved they are, and how much they mean to you. It’s the perfect time to express your gratitude and thanks.

The origins of Mother’s Day stem from efforts by early 1900s activist, Anna Jarvis. Anna’s mother consistently expressed a desire for a day to be sanctioned that celebrated the sacrifices that mothers make for their families. Following her mother’s death, Anna worked for this very thing, and Mother’s Day was the result.

Today, this holiday is celebrated by families across the globe. So if you’re wondering what to do for Mother’s Day this year, you’ve come to the right place! Here, we’ll share some ideas on things to do for Mother’s Day alongside some of Nutcracker Sweet’s favourite gift basket selections that are perfect for Mom.

Whether you’re spending the day with mom and you’d like to arrive at her door with a beautiful gift basket in hand, or if you’d like a luxurious gift basket delivered straight to her door — we can help. We offer conveniently delivered Mother’s Day gift baskets in Toronto and across North America.

Things to do for Mother’s Day

Of course, knowing what to plan will depend on your mom’s interests and your location. That said, we’ve rounded up a selection of out-and-about activities that are sure to make Mom feel on top of the world this May!

Here are just a few ideas if you’re seeking ideas on what to do for Mother’s Day:

  • Take Mom out to her favourite restaurant. Be sure to make a reservation well in advance as the weekend is bound to be busy.
  • Buy tickets for you and your mom to see a show that she’s been eager to see, but she’s never gotten around to buying tickets for herself.
  • Visit a nearby tourist attraction. Due to proximity, we often pass over the ‘must see’ local hotspots, thinking, ‘I’ll get to it one day!’ Botanical gardens, a museum, or an art gallery that’s full of local works are all wonderful options.

If you’ve procrastinated and you’re searching ‘what to do for Mother’s Day last minute’ in a panic, consider taking a trip to the movies, hiking a nearby trail, or visiting a local winery as last-minute afternoon activities which still allow you to spend quality time with your amazing mom.

A senior mother with her adult daughter on a beach with a bright blue sky. They’re both wearing white. The daughter has her arm around her mom

Things to do for Mother’s Day at Home

If you’d prefer to stay at home and celebrate with mom there — the weather can still be a little precarious in May, after all — there are still some fantastic ways to celebrate comfortably indoors. Elevate your plans with one of our stylish, gourmet gift baskets!

Craft an Indoor Picnic

Pick flowers from the garden, play your mom’s favourite music, fill the room with sparkling tealights, lay down a floral tablecloth and fill it with Mom’s favourite foods. Take your indoor picnic to the next level and order wine gift baskets (available to Ontario residents) from us! Our Rose All Day basket is an excellent gift for a mom who likes wine; it boasts a refreshing rose wine, delicious snacks and lavish skincare products like soap, creams, and a divine-smelling candle — giving mom a gift for Mother’s Day itself, and for afterwards.

Cook Her Breakfast in Bed

Another idea for things to do for Mother’s Day at home is to cook her a delicious breakfast in bed. Even if you no longer live at home, turning up on Mother’s Day morning with a basket full of brunch ingredients and accoutrements will surely wow mom and make her feel extra-special.

Organize an Indoor Movie Night

Rent a projector from your local library, stock up on a selection of decadent and luxurious foods and drinks and set up the living room for a cozy movie night. Our champagne gift baskets (available to Ontario residents) house a decadent array of gourmet goods — which may include creamy cheeses, buttery shortbreads and irresistibly smooth chocolates — making them wonderful for a relaxing movie evening, offering both convenience and delight!

Host a Family Gathering

Invite the whole family over — kids, grandkids, sisters, and uncles — and surprise Mom. Make a day of eating and reminiscing. Ask everyone to bring a potluck dish or order in (mom shouldn’t be cooking on Mother’s Day!). Treat your guests to a treasure trove of candies, chocolates, nuts and much more with one of our shareable party trays. Each tray is filled to the brim with people-pleasing fan favourites — they’re loved by all on any occasion.

Another delicious and decadent party-pleaser is our gift towers. These edible arrangements offer the perfect sharing experience. They’re overflowing with popcorns, truffles, and satisfying chocolate indulgences — and let’s face it, a good host can never have enough delicious treats.

Gift Mom High-Quality Gifts

If you’re lucky enough to have an amazing Mom, you’ll know just how special she can be. Moms are there during the highs and lows of life, offering support, comfort and love every step of the way. Treat mom by spending a special day with her (hopefully, one of our things to do for Mother’s Day gave you some inspiration!). Surround her with love and consider gifting high-quality presents (like our handpicked and assembled gift baskets in Toronto) that represent just how much she means to you.


Here at Nutcracker Sweet, we have a range of extravagant and lavish gift baskets, boxes, trays, and gift towers and that will show mom just how special, valued, and cherished she is. If mom likes sumptuous chocolates, rich savoury delights, smooth wines, and gem-like candies, you’re sure to delight with one of our baskets.

Whether you’re spending the day with mom or you’d like to send her one of our gifting solutions from afar, we offer a broad range of gift baskets in Mississauga, throughout the rest of the Greater Toronto Area, across Canada and the U.S.A. — and each is filled with the finest gourmet branded goods. Place your order for delivery for mom today.

And don’t worry! We haven’t forgot about the dads. We also offer beautifully wrapped Father’s Day gift baskets in Toronto and for delivery beyond. Connect with us to learn more.

The Nutcracker Team

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