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For over thirty years, Nutcracker Sweet has been there through it all—Halloween, Christmas, New Years, Birthdays, Sympathies, Weddings, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day—you name it, we’ve provided gift baskets for every holiday and occasion! Easter is no different! We know that sometimes the excitement of Christmas overpowers Easter, but we’re here to change that!

At Nutcracker, we are proud that we have many experts who are responsible for designing our baskets and carefully selecting high quality items that go into them.  Our experts know all about the popular seasonal items that will be perfect for Easter-themed gift baskets. As always, this year our team has outdone themselves. The baskets are beautiful and are a perfect reflection of the Easter holiday feeling.

Easter is normally associated with the renewal of the spring season and our baskets are perfectly Easter-themed. As usual, we have lots of chocolate bunnies and bunny-themed items and the baskets are decorated in spring colours. Of course, they’re filled with tons of chocolates, jelly beans and other delicious treats, which is a big part of Easter—for kids and adults alike! We also have baskets that include stuffed bunnies and ducks!  And, of course, an Easter basket wouldn’t be complete without chocolate eggs in them! As always, all products used are of high quality and delicious.

Some people have a hard time figuring out the types of gifts that they should send to each person, which is why at Nutcracker Sweet, we have a slew of well-trained staff who can give their expertise on what they feel will be best! Many of the Easter baskets are geared more towards children, but what adult would mind getting a gift filled with chocolate and sweets.  You really cannot go wrong! Our custom gift baskets in Toronto for easter are perfect to send to family out of town, a close friend, or someone who is hosting a party.  Or, they’re fun to order for yourself to share with your own family—it’ll be like the Easter bunny personally came and delivered delicious and fun filled gifts!

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