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It’ll be Father’s Day before we know it — Sunday, June 18th, in fact! An annual tradition, Father’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the fatherly figure in your life. Whether you’re celebrating a stepdad, a grandparent, or otherwise, taking the time to observe the paternal bond is sure to make dad feel special while allowing you to express your real feelings about how exceptional they are.

Knowing how to celebrate Father’s Day in a way that the whole family can enjoy can be challenging — especially for multi-generational gatherings. But don’t worry! For those of you fretting and frantically researching ‘activities to do on Father’s Day,’ — we’ve got you covered.

Here, we’re exploring several Father’s Day activities for the family to enjoy, and much like we did in our Mother’s Day post, wherein we showcased some gift baskets for Mother’s Day. Now, we’ll show you some of the Nutcracker Sweet team’s favourite Father’s Day gift baskets in Toronto — with shipping options across North America!

Without further ado, here are our top suggestions for activities to do on Father’s Day this year.

Host a Dinner Party

First, hosting a dinner party in your home is a great Father’s Day activity. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate multiple dads in one place: your dad, your kid’s dad, and your father-in-law. Get the kids involved with cupcake decorating duties before your guests arrive! Gathering everyone together for a celebratory and homemade meal fosters feelings of family and togetherness while creating invaluable memories.

Having pre-dinner snacks on hand is a great way to satiate hungry tummies without spoiling dinner. And here we can help! We have a bountiful selection of gourmet snack baskets for your pre-dinner offering that caters to all tastes — whether you’d like a decadent cheese basket or a shareable party pleaser tray brimming with mixed candies and nuts from top-tier brands.

Plan an Outdoor Games Afternoon

If the weather is on your side, you could organize a family games day in a local park as a fun and outdoorsy Father’s Day activity. If the timing encroaches on lunch hour, everyone can bring a dish, potluck style. Go one step above and send a list of Dad’s favourite foods in advance so that the meal is truly centred around him. Bring a sound system and play Dad’s much-loved artists. Remember your balls, bats, gloves and nets!

If Dad is a kid at heart and he loves decadent chocolates and sour candies (but then again, who doesn’t?), you could even surprise him with one of our candy gift baskets. These are perfect gifts for those with a sweet tooth; the assortment of different tasty indulgences is sure to hit the spot — and if you’re lucky, he might even share!

A couple sitting on the floor painting red lanterns with their kid

Hunker Down for the Day

Start by making Dad breakfast in bed. A quiet morning in bed with a hot cup of coffee will be especially cherished by dads who work long hours during the week.

Later in the day, set up the living room and host a true duvet day. Queue up some family-friendly board games that Dad will enjoy and relax with your favourite snacks. This is a fantastic option if you’ve been searching for free Father’s Day activities!

If Dad considers himself a budding mixologist, surprise him with one of our liquor gift baskets. To residents of Ontario, we proudly offer several cocktail boxes, including:

The After Hours Club Box — A sophisticated box that’s filled with all the necessities to make the perfect Canadian Club Whisky on the rocks, plus sweet and salty snacks that perfectly complement and balance the beverage.

A Moscow Mule Box — The Moscow Mule is a classic lead-in-to-summer cocktail, which absolutely must be served in a copper mug to be considered truly authentic. Fortunately, this box comes with not one but two hammered copper mugs, meaning that Dad can share if he’s feeling generous!

Not only are these cocktail boxes great to celebrate on the day itself, but they’ll also provide Dad with a treasured keepsake. He’ll think about you whenever he reaches for his whisky glass or copper mug.

Tick Something Off of Dad’s Bucket List

Next on our list of potential Father’s Day activities — help Dad achieve an item on his bucket list. For example, if he’s often talked about seeing a particular sports game or stage show, he’s been eager to try rock climbing for the first time, or he really wants to drive a Formula 1 car — seek out opportunities for him and make it happen.

Accompanying Dad as he scores a bucket list item isn’t just a great Father’s Day activity, but it’s also a brilliant way to support him in his self-appointed mission while spending quality time together as a family.

Try a Craft with the Kids

These are great Father’s Day activities for families with little kids!

Set up a craft table at home or visit a paint-your-own canvas or pottery store. Often, we get so caught up in the busyness of everyday life that we forget to take time to enjoy one another’s company. Taking the day to spend special time with the kids without rushing to the grocery store or stopping at the bank could be a gift in itself for many dads.

Free Father’s Day Activities

If you’re looking for low-cost or free Father’s Day activities, why not try some of these ideas?

  • Go bird watching at the local park.
  • Bring a picnic and hike in a local forest.
  • Organize a board game afternoon for the family.


However you choose to spend Father’s Day, whether you take on one of our Father’s Day activities or if you opt for something else, make sure to take a moment to let Dad know how grateful you are for his love and support and how much he means to you.

If you’re unable to be physically present with Dad for Father’s Day this year, why not send him a basket of his favourite treats that’s embellished with a special Father’s Day bow? We offer a wide selection of custom gift baskets in Toronto, including candy-centric baskets, baskets with healthy snacks, and chocolate gift baskets in Toronto — and across North America. Our decadent and luxurious baskets, trays and towers offer a convenient yet thoughtful gifting solution.

Offer Dad a tangible and thoughtful representation of your love, respect, and appreciation. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to bring a smile to Dad’s face. Place your order today!

The Nutcracker Team

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