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Now that Valentine’s Day is done we often get asked if we have free time. Being one of the largest gift basket companies in the country there is no rest! We are constantly looking for new containers and food items for upcoming holidays and next year’s catalogue. We have a goal each year to be better than the last. Gift baskets are our life, and we spend every day brainstorming new ideas, sourcing new products and being as creative as possible.

At Nutcracker Sweet, we love all the holidays. Easter is synonymous with the arrival of spring, warm weather and chocolate bunnies and eggs, of course! A wonderful holiday for kids of all ages. Mother’s Day is the time to show mom how much we really appreciate all that she does all year round. Delicious chocolates and relaxing spa items are both a good choice. Father’s Day is a day for Dad to relax with the family. Great gift ideas would be yummy snacks, sports themed gifts and BBQ baskets for the grill connoisseur. Thanksgiving Day is a time to show our thanks for family and close friends with a great feast.  A lovely platter of nuts and chocolates, or a tower of treats would complement the holiday meal.

And now to Christmas – one of the largest holiday celebrations for Nutcracker Sweet. Working on Christmas is almost a full time job in itself – sourcing new themed containers and new trending food items, and printing our famous catalogue. We love it and look forward to doing it every year!  It requires lots of brainstorming, long days and nights, and a positive upbeat attitude to get it done. We wouldn’t have it any other way. By the time Christmas arrives we are ready to make holiday shopping easy for our customers with our Christmas gift baskets in Toronto and across Canada. Gift baskets are a perfect way to show appreciation for a job well done, thank you to clients and for family and friends to enjoy a special treat for the holidays. One phone call or order online and it’s done.

Our Nutcracker Sweet team members are one big wonderful family. Many of our employees have been with the company for over 15 years and enjoy the work they do. Everyone has a job to do, but we all pitch in when there is special project to complete or a rush order to get out the door. We make sure that each and every project gets done on time and to the client’s specifications.

 The warehouse at Nutcracker Sweet is always expanding to make room for all the great gifts we produce and for all the products that are needed to produce those amazing gifts. Just imagine pallets of chocolates, cookies and other yummy items piled high to the ceiling, waiting to be crafted into a Nutcracker Sweet gift basket. You never get tired of seeing all that sweet goodness.  What’s more amazing is seeing the warehouse empty as all those baskets are shipped out. It’s quite a before/after picture. 

Some of our loyal customers have been with Nutcracker Sweet for many years. They have become part of our family. Over the years, we have seen them change jobs, get promoted, get married, have children and even become grandparents. And we have been part of those occasions – congratulations baskets, baby baskets, thank you gifts and business gifts. We are so pleased to be part of their special moments.

So as you can see, gift baskets really are a year-round job! There’s lots to keep us busy as we strive to be bigger and better than the last! Stay tuned and we will continue to share our thoughts throughout the year – talking about upcoming holidays, topics specific to the business, fun things going on in the Nutcracker Warehouse and much, much more! A sneak peek into the behind the scene operations of a gift basket business, 365 days of the year!

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