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Sending gifts is a significant part of our lives and cultural traditions. We give gifts for birthdays, weddings, for baby showers and for graduations — to name just a few celebratory occasions. The act of receiving (and sending!) gifts can boost spirits, strengthen bonds and show someone just how much they mean to us.

While it’s clear that giving gifts to friends and loved ones is a deed that makes the recipient feel special and valued, did you know that sending gifts to clients, prospects, stakeholders, and corporate team members offers a similar set of benefits?

With decades of experience in the gifting solutions business, we understand better than most the importance of sending corporate gift baskets in Toronto — as well as to clients and company offices across North America.

Corporate gifts are an essential tool for establishing new relationships and solidifying current ones. They can go a long way towards growing a company’s roster of clients and towards keeping team members happy. While there are many reasons why companies — whatever their size — should send corporate gifts, here are some we feel to be most important.

You Can Boost Client Retention

The foundations of a successful business are based on positive relationships, and clients are arguably one of the most important relationships your company will foster.

With that, retaining clients is of crucial importance. A consistent rotation of clients costs money, and acquiring new clients on a regular basis will cost employees valuable time. Further, a high client turnover rate may also see a diminished or questionable reputation; you don’t want your new prospects wondering why clients never seem to stick around for a notable period. While amazing products and services are an important factor when it comes to client retention, so is client experience.

Sending thoughtful touchpoints, like chocolate gift baskets, decadent treat towers and party trays — to name just a few of our options — goes a long way toward better client retention. How? A tasteful, considerate gifting solution shows your client your appreciation and helps to nurture a positive association with your business.

Sending current clients gifts following a pivotal meeting or the signing of a new contract and during personal moments — like when a board member retires, for example — is a savvy business move. As is sending annual gifts, like a corporate holiday gift basket. Doing so ends the year on a high note and nurtures the relationship, inspiring confidence in the year ahead.

A happy client who’s made to feel like your company truly values them is far more likely to want to maintain a friendly and productive business relationship.

Gifts Can Help Retain Team Members

A company is only as strong as its team. In addition to fair pay and benefits, a positive work environment, room for advancement, and other fundamentals, sending gifting solutions to team members during momentous work moments shows how much you appreciate their professional efforts.

Celebrating and recognizing employees and their work could mean sending team gifts for a group that scored a new client or closed a significant deal, or individual gifts to celebrate a team member who netted the highest sales that month — to name just two simple options. Receiving a gift as a gesture of thanks following a professional achievement boosts team morale and self-esteem — both of which are of core importance in any work environment.

Another great idea is to send gifts to your team members during personal occasions, like when they get married or have a baby (or grandchild). Doing so goes a long way towards showing team members how much they mean to you and the company and that you appreciate that vital work-life balance.

Further, celebrating annual events is always a smart way to connect with your staff; our holiday gift baskets in Toronto are continually well received by team members of our corporate clients!

Why not create an in-house calendar that earmarks team members’ personal events (like an upcoming wedding or graduation), reminds your HR team to celebrate monthly victories, and highlights recurring and pertinent annual dates, like holidays and fun occasions — like Administrative Professionals Day?

Team members sitting around a desk that's covered with laptops and notepads. They're fist-bumping in the middle and cheering

Gifting Can Help Boost Contracts and Sales

It’s easy to see how happy clients and happy employees can contribute towards boosted sales. In a study for the publication “The Happiness Advantage,” a research team found that employee “happiness raises nearly every business and educational outcome: raising sales by 37%, productivity by 31%, and accuracy on tasks by 19%.”

In addition to higher sales, such output can also maximize the potential for securing new contracts, ultimately equating to increased company income.

A Custom Logo Basket that’s emblazoned with your company name and laden with delicious, luxury gourmet goodies is an ideal (and practical!) way to give thanks after a successful meeting or the closing of a deal. It’s also a great tool for brand recognition and marketing. These baskets are exquisitely wrapped with care and attention to detail. They speak of a professional company that’s willing to go one step beyond when it comes to their partnerships.

Our customized logo baskets offer brand recall, too. They’re a great touchpoint, giving you an opportunity to reconnect and nurture a lead if the line has gone cold. In every instance, they offer a fantastic return on investment.

The Takeaway on Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting is a fantastic way to show your team members how much you appreciate them, consequently inspiring satisfaction and positivity. Our gifting solutions can also elevate client retention or help seal the deal when it comes to luring in potential customers. It makes sense: everyone loves receiving gifts! And better still — delicious and decadent gifts that the whole team can enjoy.

Connect with us to hear about our gift baskets in Toronto, our gift baskets in Mississauga, and how we can help you to reward and delight your company members and clients across the rest of North America.

Our team can even craft custom Corporate Gift Guide Catalogues and Customized Web Pages for your ongoing gifting needs! Here, we can curate a custom guide that meets your company’s unique gifting needs with special pricing, tailored items, and bulk ordering options available — all in one place. It’s that simple!

Why not reach out today for more information on our corporate gifting solutions? We’re confident that you’ll be delighted with the results.

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