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Have you been thinking of ways to boost your brand’s reputation, foster client loyalty and improve employee satisfaction? Corporate gifting might be the answer!

So, what is corporate gifting? And why is it so beneficial in business? The answer is simple: corporate gifting is the act of sending employees, clients, or prospects — ultimately anyone in your business sphere — a gifting solution. While it’s a thoughtful gesture that’s sure to be welcomed on a personal level, it’s a wise and savvy business move, too. This doesn’t just apply to gifting around the holidays, either!

Today, we’re going to explore the benefits of corporate gifting and why it’s important for any business in any industry — regardless of its size — to embrace corporate gifting solutions. We’ll share some of our favourite corporate gift ideas, too.

First, let’s discuss the merits of sharing gifts with employees and team members.

Why Gifting Team Members Is Beneficial

Giving team members corporate gifts offers a series of perks, including boosting employee happiness, retention and productivity; it can even reduce workplace stress. Your team members are the core of your business; without them, your company wouldn’t be able to function and thrive. Rewarding and recognizing team members during pivotal personal and professional moments is an excellent way to express thanks.

Some occasions that might warrant a gift include:

  • Birthdays, weddings, new babies, and holidays (but be sure to know that said employee(s) celebrate specific holidays).
  • Whenever an employee reaches a significant milestone (or earns a ‘top performer’ title).
  • When your whole team finds success as a group, such as topping last year’s sales numbers, securing a major new client or completing a big project.
  • Or … just because! It could even be as simple as sending an impromptu gift to your team members on the Friday before a long weekend!

Whatever the occasion, corporate gifting is a great way to acknowledge, celebrate and let employees know that you genuinely appreciate their efforts. Consider leaving a gift on their desk for them to discover in the morning, or send a gift right to their door — we offer shipping options for corporate gifting in Canada and the U.S.A.

Sending Employees Gifts Makes Them Feel Appreciated

Gifts are a powerful way to make team members feel valued and appreciated. And according to a survey by the American Psychology Association (APA), 93% of employees who feel valued are more likely to do their very best at work, and 88% are more likely to feel engaged in their work.

Gifting Team Members Can Boost Happiness

It’s safe to say that gifts make people happy! One of the joys of birthdays, holidays, baby showers and other special occasions is giving and receiving presents. A positive workplace is a benefit to everyone; happy employees who forge friendships will enjoy greater levity, a strong and cohesive work unit, and a greater sense of well-being.

Treating Employees Can Improve Retention

It’s no secret that employee turnover is costly and time-consuming in any industry. By valuing employees and making them feel special, you can slow turnover rates. According to the same APA study mentioned above, 50% of those who said they did not feel valued by their employer planned to seek new employment, but that number dropped to 21% among those who felt valued.

Further, corporate gifting can bridge gaps between employee tiers, forging meaningful workplace connections. It’s also a wise way to maintain personal relations between remote team members — here at Nutcracker Sweet, we offer corporate gifting in Canada and the U.S.A.!

Luxury Gift Basket Ideas for Employees

Whether you’re seeking administrative staff gifts, gifts for a top sales employee, or gifts for the whole team, some of our favourite corporate gifting ideas are listed below.

First, try one of our healthy gift basket options; they’re brimming with the highest-quality sweet and savoury treats — demonstrating how flavour doesn’t need to be compromised with our healthy options.

A healthy basket will be especially appreciated if you know a team member is vegan or embraces a kosher or gluten-free diet. Taking note of dietary restrictions and showing your employees that you know them personally and that you’ve gone the extra mile to cater to them is sure to make them feel special.

We also offer an array of show-stopping inexpensive gift baskets, including our Breakfast Time basket (which is laden with gourmet delights — perfect for a weekend morning). The Sketch of Sweets basket is another excellent choice; it’s loaded with a flawless balance of rich dark chocolate and creamy milk chocolate treats. That said, any of our corporate gifting ideas are sure to delight.

It’s worth adding that corporate gifting can go both ways; if an employer has gone above-and-beyond to make you feel welcome in a new role, or they’ve encouraged you to apply for a coveted promotion — consider getting gifts for your boss! Maybe they’ve helped you transfer to a desired office out of province? Don’t worry! If this is the case, we offer corporate gifting in Canada from coast to coast!

A shot of team members around an office desk cheering and throwing paper in the area

Not only is corporate gifting important for employees, but it’s also an excellent way to treat clients and prospects, too. You can even offer corporate gifting solutions after conferences or company events as a thoughtful takeaway for guests — leaving a lasting impression.

In a study of high-ranking executives, 80% reported that “business gifts generate measurable positive ROI in addition to intangible benefits.”

Why Gifting Clients and Prospects Is Beneficial

Corporate gifting is a fantastic way to generate positive relationships with clients, but it comes with some other unique benefits, too.

Corporate Gifting Promotes Your Business

Sending clients (and prospects) quality gifts will keep your business top of mind. Receiving a luxury gift basket from Nutcracker makes a clear statement. We can make custom gift baskets for any industry and for any size of order.

Our corporate logo branding allows you to add your company logo to the basket or box, business cards, stickers, postcards and ribbons. Not only can we customize our baskets with your company logo, but we also offer practical accessories, such as customizable and sleek slate coasters and engraved high-end cheese boards with matching cheese knife. Special touches like these are available to anyone interested in corporate gifting in Canada and the rest of North America.

Taking any opportunity to promote your business is a wise one. Why not use one of these promotional corporate gifting ideas to edge out your competition?

Corporate Gifting Boosts Brand Loyalty

Whether you’re gifting a current client or a prospective client, sending a carefully selected gifting solution can help re-engage a client, boosting their brand loyalty and encouraging them to maintain partnerships with your business for longer, as you’ve ensured a substantial connector.

Sending Gifts to Prospects Can Catch Their Eye

For prospects, sending one of our corporate gifting ideas can catch anyone’s attention. In a world of phone calls and emails, it’s so easy to get lost among the sea of rival corporations. Sending carefully considered corporate gifting solutions allows you to make a statement, standing out from the crowd and thoughtfully nurturing potential B2B relations.

Final Thoughts

At Nutcracker Sweet, we proudly offer a wide selection of corporate gifting ideas that are sure to delight employees and corporate clients alike. With over 35 years in the industry, we understand the absolute importance of corporate gift-giving. We offer convenient Toronto gift basket delivery and delivery across North America, too.

If you place a corporate gifting order with us, you’ll have one contact throughout the process — guaranteeing a smooth and satisfactory experience. We can even create a custom web page or a custom corporate gift guide catalogue especially for you, making selecting luxury gift baskets and ordering them an absolute breeze — let us do the work!

Through careful basket selection and the addition of customized company accessories, you’re sure to wow and please all who receive your corporate gift. Connect with us today to learn more, and we’ll gladly assist you in creating the perfect selection of gift ideas for clients and for your employees.

The Nutcracker Team

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