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Ten of the best gifts for your co-workers and employees

Selecting the right gift for your co-workers and employees can be challenging at the holidays and year round. You want to give something that lets them know just how much you appreciate them, but you also want the gift to be practical and well-received. Gift cards can feel too impersonal, and sometimes trinkets and small gifts such as coffee mugs are quickly forgotten.

This year, let Nutcracker Sweet help you gifts that your employees will actually be excited to receive. Our corporate gift baskets are elegant to give and filled with decadent items that everyone will be excited to receive. Whether you want to give your employees chocolate or candy or let them cheers to another wonderful year with adult beverages, Nutcracker Sweet has just what you need at a variety of price points to be the best gifter of 2021.

Top corporate gifts from Nutcracker Sweet for 2021

  1. Glorious Godiva Small Gift BasketTreat them to copious amounts of decadent chocolate in an elegant box perfect for gifting. This gift basket will accommodate most budgets and delight all who receive it. 
  2. Gourmet Cookie Box- The only thing this gift box is missing is a warm glass of milk! This gourmet cookie box will melt the heart of its recipients because these cookies are out of this world! Be prepared for kudos when you send this delicious treat to co-workers and employees. 
  3. Sugar Chic Gift SquadTo really indulge your recipient’s sweet tooth, present them with this elegant Sugar Chic Gift Squad gift! Chock full of the sweetest treats around, this gift basket is edible, elegant and enough to share with friends and family. Yum!
  4. Uptown Treats-This delightful mix of salty and sweet indulgences will leave your co-workers and employees thinking you give the greatest gifts! If you’re not sure if you should gift salty or sweet, now you don’t have to choose! This gift basket combines some delightful favorites perfect for gifting.
  5. In Good Company with Sparkling Wine- If you want to really wow them, consider a gift that deserves a toast. This gift basket sends your recipients a bottle of sparkling wine as well as a few snacks to accompany their beverage. Cheers!
  6. Deluxe Breakfast Gift Basket- Venture off the beaten path and gift a basket that is full of unique treasures that is sure to be enjoyed! This gift basket contains everything your recipient needs to whip up a gourmet breakfast at home. What a treat to receive something unique and different yet totally useful!
  7. Games Care PackGive the fun-lovers in your life this rad games gift basket that is sure to entertain them for hours! The fun 90s game and delicious snacks included in the basket will have your recipients glad to call you a co-worker.
  8. Taste-Full TowerTalk about an awesome first impression! This impressive gift tower will impress any recipient in your life. Each box in this stunning gift tower is filled to the brim with yummy, shareable sweet and salty snacks that will definitely be well-received. 
  9. Vegan BoxOur vegan gift box is overflowing with delightful treats for the conscious eater in your life. The snacks included in this gift box are ready to be enjoyed by everyone and anyone but crafted with vegan friends in mind. 
  10. Cheeseboard Collection- Gift your recipients a basket that can be used for their next party or get together. Our cheeseboard gift set combines scrumptious cheeses and crackers on a tasteful board that is ready to be set out and enjoyed. From chocolates to jam and cheeses to crackers, this board has is all and is ready to be gifted! 

The Nutcracker Team

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