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You might think that all there is to a gift basket is packing a bunch of goodies into a basket, wrapping it up and tying a bow on… but it’s really not that simple! We work very hard to make sure that our gift baskets have the best quality items, that they look amazing, and even that the container itself is perfect. Right now at Nutcracker Sweet the photo shoot for our 2016 catalogue is taking place! Can you believe that it’s only June and already we’re thinking about concepts for next year’s catalogue?! Even better, we’re thinking about Christmas gift baskets in the summer

Since January we have been sourcing new products, looking for unique flavours and tastes, and searching for containers for our gift baskets; but it’s in May and June when all of our hard work over the past few months really starts to come together. Our design team members are busy at work piecing together each and every gift basket. There are so many new baskets to shoot for the catalogue, with some classic concepts returning as well. Once the design team is done, then it’s up to the stylists and photographers to make the shots look stunning! Each gift basket is placed in the spotlight, and one by one they are set-up, tweaked and lit to make sure we get a perfect shot of each one! Everyone gets their input on what looks best, and that means by the end of the process, we have a unique assortment of gift baskets – all catalogue ready!

But the process doesn’t end here; the gift baskets will then need to be named and have descriptions written about them. Where each gift basket will go in the catalogue will also need to be discussed as the layout of the catalogue is planned (but that’s a whole other job altogether)! And then it’s the hardest part of all… the waiting! We still have to wait another five months to share the new catalogue with everyone!

We hope that when it comes out, you’ll be as excited as we are about our new Toronto gift baskets. Sadly some old products get discontinued, and some things have to change, but we always find new and delicious products to replace them! The only thing that will never change is that all of our gift baskets are sure to please their recipients. And our anticipation of sending out the new catalogue, of course! Let the countdown begin… because after all, October will be here before we know it!

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