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For some people, Halloween is the holiday they anticipate 364 days a year.  While garlands, jingle bells, snow, and tinsel hold a certain charm, there’s something undeniably intriguing about Halloween that no other festivities can compete with.  To all avid Halloween enthusiasts: rest assured, you’re not alone. Lots of us are fascinated by this creepy, spooky, eerie season. And what do we do to show our excitement? Decorate! We decorate aggressively. I’m talking haunted house, fully decked out, I’m-secretly-trying-to-outdo-my-neighbor – level decorating. Whether you prefer cute jack-o-lanterns and pumpkin spice flavored foods, or all the ghouls and gory props you can find, this sweet season is a fun opportunity to get creative with gift giving, home decorating, and hosting company.

Halloween is a unique time to host a party or get together thanks to the diverse possibilities for decorating, costumes, and hosting gifts. We’ve compiled a list of the trendiest ideas in 2019 to make your Halloween party especially CREEPY. Your guests will definitely be impressed by your effort and enjoy gift baskets in Toronto.

C: Creative & Cost Effective

Decorate your house without breaking the bank! The dollar store carries fake cobwebs, caution tape, posters, and mini scarecrows at this time of year.

These decorations are generally easy to put up and arrange, plus there are many kid-friendly versions on the market.

*The devil is in the details:  You might find it’s worth the money to buy a bit of sticky tac instead of using tape to apply decorations so you don’t ruin your walls!

Hanging twinkly lights and turning your main lights down a notch is an instant solution for enhancing the eerie ambiance. The dim mood lighting accompanied by desiccated decorations will instantly set a spooky vibe.

Want to get really thrifty? All Halloween decorations usually go on sale November 1st – if you can be prepared in advance and have the storage room, buy them pre-season and just save them for the following year. This is a smart way to invest in higher quality decorations at discounted prices! The following year, you’ll be happy you did so.

R: Real Food Before Dessert!

What’s on the menu? Unless your event is catered, food planning and preparations are often considered the most stress inducing tasks assigned to the host. So, how do you avoid all the work but still get quality, tasty results? It is always fun to have a Halloween-themed dinner, but it is not necessary to labour meticulously over your menu design and preparations to make it all come together. Offer a simple to make appetizer that is on-theme. Something like tortilla chips with pumpkin dip; “devilled” eggs; or even “toes” in a blanket (pigs in a blanket with a little bit of dough added on top of the hot dog to make it look like a toe). All of these are simple to make or buy and don’t require much effort, but act as sure crowd pleasers.

E: Entertain with Shareables

If your party is catered to both parents and children, ensure that you have treats for everyone to enjoy – both the kids and adults! Nutcracker Sweet offers Shareable Gift Tray options that include a balanced mixture of both sweet and savoury items. During a holiday that’s focuses primarily on sugary sweets and candy, offering up a mixture of gourmet fine foods will be well received! Our Ultimate Cheese Crate is the perfect gift for hors d’oeuvre or social hour, including hazelnut Ferrero Rocher chocolates to compliment the specialty cheeses and spreads.

E: Effort in the Costumes

Arguably the best aspect of throwing a Halloween Party is dressing up in costume! Movie characters, celebrities, animals, pop culture icons, and more costume ideas flood the web at this time of year with a quick Google search for “Best Halloween Costumes”.

Invite your guests to get witty with their costumes by enticing them with an award or multiple prizes for whoever comes best dressed. Nutcracker Sweet’s Chocolate Cravings chocolate gift basket makes an enviable prize pack for the winner(s) of your costume contest!

P: Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins!

As an innovative means of entertainment or an icebreaker activity, think about setting up a pumpkin carving station!

All you need is pumpkins, a surface lined generously with newspaper, and the necessary carving tools.

This activity is often a fun experience for all ages, and a great way for guests to socialize while tapping into their artistic side.

Y: Young Again

Of course, Halloween excites children beyond compare as they eagerly travel door-to-door fulfilling the tradition of trick-or-treating.

As an adult, Halloween is a great time for indulging our sweet tooth and welcoming feelings of nostalgia! With delicious, quality gift baskets filled with treats that suit all tastes, we can help you celebrate the Spookiest season of all in style.

Happy Halloween, from the team at Nutcracker Sweet! Check out our Halloween gift baskets today.

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