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Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets contain only the highest quality products including brand names such as Lindt, Godiva, Wildly Delicious, Charlie & Sam’s and more. It’s not always easy choosing what to put in our baskets with such an array of great items, and it’s not a decision we take lightly. We pride ourselves in both the quality of the food and the containers/baskets that we choose. Many of the items are often of higher price points, yet we aim to provide reasonably priced baskets for all occasions.

Choosing what goes in our gift baskets is a long process. As with every other aspect of our gift basket making process, we have a team of experts who choose what goes in.  Well-known brand name suppliers bring us a wide variety of samples to choose from and we then decide which would work the best!  We source out new and exciting items that we believe our clientele would like to see in the baskets.

Every year we issue a new catalogue with the gift baskets we have created with our clients in mind.  The basket pictures are taken by a professional photographer over several days and the photo shoot resembles that of a high end fashion shoot – proper lighting, setup and basket modelling. Our clients look forward to receiving the new catalogue and many call to make sure that they are on the mailing list! They do not want to miss out!

Some of our baskets are influenced by customer feedback and trending food items. We are always on the lookout for exciting new tastes and contemporary containers. Our clientele are appreciative of the effort we put into supplying a well-priced, high end product.

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