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Thanksgiving has come and gone, the Halloween candy has been eaten, and winter holidays are just around the corner. What better time than now to hit pause on the joys of over-indulging? True to our name, we love our sweets – but we also know that switching things up to opt for healthier choices doesn’t have to be dull. We’ve come up with a few ways to celebrate special occasions without overdoing it. Plus, we have some gifts of our own that work for more health-conscious individuals or those with dietary restrictions!

Tip 1: Put their wishes first

“Come on, just have one little cupcake.”

“Please? I made them myself.”

“Having just one won’t ruin your diet.”

Ever heard these types of phrases being said to a friend or family member who is trying to watch what they eat? At some point or another, we’ve all said it to someone or have had it said to us. While encouraging people to eat “just one” is well-intended, it can be harmful to someone trying to stick to what they think is best for themselves. It’s probably true that having just one cupcake, or just one slice of cake, or just a few fries, or whatever the food, will not de-rail someone’s entire regimen – but that’s a choice for them to make. When we give unhealthy food gifts to others that are watching their health, we unintentionally disregard their needs. As the gift giver, we’re trying to do something special for the other person and that includes finding things within their boundaries!

Not sure what they can and can’t have? Don’t be afraid to ask! Most people will be pleased to tell you what they are trying to stay away from if it means they will get a gift that they can actually enjoy.

Tip 2: Cater to their tastes without the pressure

If you do want to give something “unhealthy”, make sure it’s non-perishable! Let them know that you want them to enjoy and indulge at a time of their choosing. This way you take the pressure off of them and make sure that the gift is about the recipient, not the giver!

Tip 3: Skip the Food Altogether

If not knowing what someone can and can’t have is making the gift-giving process trickier than you bargained for, maybe it’s time to get creative! With our spa collection, delivering sweet sentiments doesn’t have to involve even a grain of sugar. Sometimes playing it safe can be the best solution for all involved.

No matter what you choose, a gift basket is an incredible way to give a gift to someone you care about, especially a foodie! While many gift baskets are filled with chocolates, candies, chips and other unhealthy treats, there are also many gift baskets that contain healthier versions of these foods! Getting a health-conscious foodie a healthy gift basket is a great way of showing that you care. It demonstrates that you know their needs and concerns, and that you were willing to work with these in order to get them the perfect gift that they can actually enjoy.

Nutcracker Sweet is proud to offer luxurious, delicious, and thoughtful healthy gift baskets in Toronto for all health-conscious foodies. As well, we cater our health-conscious gift baskets to  people with other dietary restrictions like allergies. With brands like Made Good, Charlie and Sam’s, Castello and more, we may be leaving the sugar and salt behind, but we are keeping the luxury and taste on board. Ordering one of these baskets for your health-conscious foodie friends will be sure to show you care and leave a lasting impression. We are also proud that many of our more health-conscious baskets also take veganism, peanut allergies, and non-sweet lovers into consideration, so we truly have something for everyone!

When you put others’ needs first, cater to their tastes, and find ways to keep their dietary restrictions in mind, your gift can be a help, not a hindrance, to your health-conscious foodie!

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