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Between barbecues, birthdays, housewarmings and good old-fashioned dinner parties, the summer months are always filled with great reasons to gather with friends and family. When someone else is hosting, enjoying food and company without any of the prep or clean up can feel like a much needed break from the stresses of our busy lives. While hosts are happy to put in the effort needed for you to sit back and relax, it always feels good to show your appreciation! When you want to find a gift that shows your gratitude and suits your host’s tastes, it can sometimes be tricky without the guidance of a holiday or specific occasion narrowing down your choices. For when you’re just not sure about what to get them, here are our tips to find the perfect thank-you for the hosts of the next summer party you attend!

1. Sharing is Caring

What kind of atmosphere are your hosts trying to create for their guests? At a barbecue or casual meal, you can often bring something that will be used the day of the get-together: a bottle of wine, appetizers or a contribution to the dessert menu. This way, you contribute to the party while demonstrating to your hosts that you are appreciative of their generosity. Our line of shareable gourmet baskets, our famous Party Pleaser trays, and our wine or champagne add-ons all make for beautiful, delicious and stress-free contributions that the whole group can enjoy.

2. Know When to Save It for Later

At a more formal get-together, sometimes it’s best to plan for a gift that won’t be used at the party itself. The gathering may have been catered, or carefully cooked and planned, and the hosts may simply want to serve their guests what they had in mind. For this kind of get together, it’s often safer to bring a more personalized gift that the hosts can enjoy on their own after the evening has come and gone. Whether it be a gift from our spa collection, an elegant set of luxury chocolates or a smaller more personalized custom gift basket in Toronto, we have plenty of options that suit this scenario.

3. It’s The Thought That Counts

Often hosts may tell you not to bring anything at all – some of us will take them at their word, while others may feel more comfortable bringing something anyway. Neither decision is right or wrong, but the important thing is taking the time to think of a gesture that will be well received. Our gift baskets are designed to appeal to a wide range of tastes, so you can rest assured that whether the hosts are close friends or casual acquaintances, you’re not going to miss the mark. Over 35 years of gifting, we’ve come to know that some gifts simply never go out of style. Pro-tip: send your gift-shy host a thank-you to be delivered the day after their party! They’ll be pleasantly surprised and more able to enjoy the gift after the stress and excitement of their party has passed.

4. When In Doubt, Give Us a Shout

Whether you’re sending a gift to your host before or after, or need to pick up something last-minute to take with you, we’ve got you covered! We think long and hard about all aspects of a gift so that you can get back to enjoying yourself in good company.

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