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So you’ve decide to invite some friends over for a movie night, but what would a movie night be without snacks? No, we’re not talking about the traditional popcorn and a soda. It’s time to mix it up and surprise your guests with some tasty treats!

Here are our top 5 gift baskets for the ultimate movie night:

  1. Triple Play

triple-playTriple Play is the perfect sharable treat for you and your friends who love chocolate. Some of these treats include chocolate mint balls, chocolate caramel chews, peanut butter pretzels, chocolate raspberry balls, chocolate covered pretzels, and chocolate sponge toffees. Everyone deserves to indulge every once in a while, and what better time than movie night!

  1. Kosher Connoisseur (Medium)

kosher-connoisseurWhat better way to accompany a movie than with salsa and chips, Godiva chocolates, malt balls and snacks galore. This Kosher gift basket also conforms to kosher dietary restrictions, so all your friends can enjoy! The Kosher Connoisseur basket is available in small, medium and large sizes with varying prices accordingly.

  1. Nuts + Dried Fruit

nuts-dried-fruitThis healthy gift basket is loaded with delicious and nutritious nuts and dried fruit for those of you who don’t want movie night to overly stray them from their healthy lifestyle. Some of these tasty treats include diced pineapple, pistachios, diced cranberries, crackers and cheese, diced papaya and mixed nuts.  This gift basket is all that you could want for movie night and getting to eat healthy at the same time.

  1. Chest Champion

chest-championThis gift basket is filled with divine snack food that you and your friends will be anxious to dig into. Packed in this trunk is nutty caramel popcorn, Marich chocolate toffee almonds, brownie brittle, Lindt chocolates, salsa and tortilla chips, Castello brie cheese, and CocoMira dark chocolate crunch. This mix of sweet and salty treats will be sure to satisfy anyone’s movie night cravings.

  1. Sweet Sophisticate

sweet-sophisticateThis luxury gift basket will be the talk of your movie night. It covers the basis of both sweet and salty with an assortment including Kettle cooked sea salt chips, Godiva chocolate truffles, brownie brittle, Lindt assorted Lindors, Ferrero Rocher chocolate and so much more! This gift basket is perfect for sharing and will keep your guests happy and satisfied during movie night.

With these selections of movie night gift baskets in Toronto, you can’t go wrong with your choice. Contact us to place an order at (416) 782-3232 or visit one of our Toronto locations.

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