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Nutcracker Sweet gift baskets are made with a wide assortment of the finest quality products. In many of our chocolate gift baskets in Toronto we have different kinds of chocolates. We know that chocolate, in general, is universally enjoyed! There are all sorts of chocolates and we try to introduce new brands and tastes that our clients would enjoy. We seek out new products, and always bring you the best and most unique flavours we can find! Two of our favourites include the well-known (and considered top notch) Godiva and Lindt chocolates. We feature them prominently in many of our baskets.

Godiva chocolates are delicious, luxurious and appealing to everyone. A world-class chocolate company that started out in Brussels, Belgium, these products are always sure to impress anyone! All of their products are so delicious, you could just melt right in with the chocolates themselves! We know that both the Godiva chocolates we put in our baskets and our completely Godiva gift baskets are loved by a majority of our clients and they are a sure favourite. They will definitely always impress your recipient!

We also love Lindt chocolates. Originally from Switzerland, Germany and Austria, these amazing chocolates are some of our favourite products that we put in our gift baskets, and we know that our clients love them as well. Many of our clients specifically request them in their Lindt gift baskets. They really do complete any type of basket; from mostly savoury, to all sweet, to a mix, for corporate, sympathy, congratulations or celebrations.

We’d be lying to you if we ever said that some of us here at Nutcracker Sweet aren’t chocoholics. We’ll sometimes sneak to the back for a quick chocolatey treat to help with our cravings! They’re truly irresistible chocolates. It’s no surprise that the Godiva and Lindt stocks run out the fastest and are constantly being replenished!

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