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Gift Baskets Under $40 for any time of the year

Let’s face it. There is never a bad time to receive a gift. You agree? Great, we’re glad that everyone is on the same page.

What we love most about creating our gift baskets in Toronto is the joy that we see on the person’s face you is either giving or receiving the gift basket. So why not spread the love of gift giving all year round?

Here are our 4 favourite gift baskets under $40 that are sure to be welcome at any time of year:

  1. Sweet Pack

sweet-packThis great gift is perfectly sized for any occasion, whether it is a hostess gift or a gift to say thank you to a special someone. It comes with an assortment of goodies such as caramel chews, chocolate cranberries, chocolate mint balls, chocolate raspberry balls and more. This gift may be small but is sure to pack a punch on both your taste buds and the impact it makes to the one you give it too.

  1. Next Level Fruit Basket

next-levelThis collection of Mother Nature’s finest will be sure to blow your recipient away. The fruit basket includes a delicious assortment of crispy and refreshing dried fruits that anyone would enjoy. You can even choose to mix it up with crunchy apple and pear chips or chocolate covered fruits to satisfy your sweet tooth. And if you’re ready to take it one step further, medium and large fruit baskets are also available at reasonable prices.

  1. Uptown Treats

uptown-treatsThere is something for everyone in this must-have gift basket, with decadent chocolates from Ghirardelli, Ferrero Rocher and Lindt, tasty kettle corn, heavenly cookies and many more high-quality products that are sure to make a lasting impression. We guarantee that it will be love at first bite for whoever you decide to gift this to. This is one of our favourite gift basket creations and we hope that is becomes one of yours too.

  1. Chocolate Cravings

chocolate-cravingsNeed we say more? This chocolate gift basket will be every chocoholic’s dream. It’s perfect to share (although you may not want to) with co-workers, family or friends. The gift basket is overflowing with hazelnut truffles, Ghirardelli chocolate squares, Lindt chocolates, cream cookie sandwiches covered in chocolate, dark chocolate caramel popcorn, chocolate covered pretzels and the list continues. Perfect for any occasion and any chocolate lover!

Surely we’ve convinced you at this point (or at least made you hungry) to try one of gift baskets under $40 the next time you need a thoughtful and delicious gift. Contact us today!

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