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There are many reasons to celebrate your team throughout the year — so remember that employee appreciation gifts shouldn’t just be reserved for the holidays! Perhaps your team’s lured in a big client, they’ve wrapped up a major project they’ve been working on; maybe they’ve banded together to overcome an unprecedented obstacle, or you’ve reached a work milestone — in any instance, treating and surprising your team members with employee recognition gifts or employee thank you gifts is a great way to show your appreciation.

If any of these scenarios ring true for you, and you’ve been trying to find a way to treat your team members, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll showcase some of our favourite employee appreciation gift ideas.

But first, why is celebrating your team members with employee appreciation gifts important?

Why Employers Should Celebrate Team Members

Giving out employee gifts to highlight your appreciation is crucial, and not just when it’s anticipated at the end of the year (though don’t get us wrong, our Christmas gift baskets in Toronto (and the rest of North America) are always well received). It’s important to celebrate team members at any time. Doing so with unexpected employee gifts can:

  • Boost motivation.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Boost morale, and
  • Make your team members feel valued.

Employee Gift Options

Before we share some why our handcrafted baskets are great gifts for employees, we also wanted to highlight some other gift options which work well as standalone gifts, or in addition to one of our first-class boxes or baskets. The following suggestions will work whether you’re seeking employee Christmas gifts or gifts to celebrate another special workplace occasion. Some other elevated gifting options include:

  • gift vouchers,
  • a local winery tour, or
  • tickets to a show or sporting event.

With some logistical navigation, these ideas are wonderful gifts for employees!

Why Luxury Gift Baskets Make Fantastic Employee Gifts

When it comes to seeking out gifts for employees, it can be challenging to balance something that will work for multiple demographics, tastes, and interests. This is especially true if you oversee many staff, where it might be hard to ascertain individual personalities.

Our luxury baskets are unique gifts for employees; they will surely excite your team while exceeding your expectations. Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets offer an array of carefully handcrafted candy-filled trays, corporate baskets, gift towers, party trays, and chocolate-centric baskets (and so much more!).

Each selection is chock-full of versatile (and delicious!) people-pleasing gourmet goodies. You can customize your order, too. Whether you want to add on another item like Godiva gift baskets or if you would like to explore customized corporate gifts for employees — we’re happy to help.

These are just a few reasons why a luxury gift basket is a great gifting solution for those seeking employee gifts! Ultimately, they perfectly straddle professionalism, practicality, and desirability.

An extra perk is that our gift ideas for employees are easy to order. Whether you want to ship a sizeable extravagant basket to the office for employees to share, you’d like individual employee gifts for every team member, or you’d like gifts for remote employees shipped straight to their door, we do the work for you! We can ship our handcrafted in Toronto gift baskets across North America.

Baskets are exquisitely wrapped, and we’re always happy to provide guidance if you’re unsure about which baskets are the best gifts for employees.

Three office workers gathered around a table. One is opening a bottle of champagne while the other two applaud. There are snacks and nibbles on the table.

Gift Ideas for Employees

Without further ado, here are some of our favourite Nutcracker Sweet employee appreciation gifts.

For the Chocolate-Loving Team

Our chocolate gift baskets are great for the team who love cookies and chocolate during their coffee mornings. It’s not outlandish to say that chocolate is nearly universally enjoyed, making it a safe (and satisfying) bet for your employee appreciation gifts.

For the Healthy Team

Do you often see your team members walking, running, or biking to the office? Do they head to the gym on their lunch breaks? One of our healthy gift baskets might be the choice for you! These options are also great for team members with dietary restrictions, as we also offer gluten-free and vegan choices — to name just a couple — showing your team you genuinely care.

Employee Gifts for the Savoury-Loving Team

Not only do we craft sweet gourmet baskets and boxes, but we also proudly offer savoury cheese boards and the purest herbal teas in an assortment of creative, unique and bold flavours. Both of these options for employee gifts offer elevated and elegant gifting solutions.

For the Office Get Together

If you’re bringing your team together and hosting a small party, our Party Pleaser Trays are a fantastic option for everyone to share. Party trays are unique gifts for employees. They come in assorted sizes and are filled with everything from nuts to chocolates to melt-in-your-mouth shortbreads.

For the Wine Aficionados

If your team is of legal drinking age, we can happily add wine to any of our wine gift baskets in Toronto — and addresses across Ontario. These baskets are full of sweet and savoury treats, with the addition of a nice bottle of wine. You could certainly consider this one of our most well-rounded employee gifts.

We Can Customize

Yes, we offer a broad selection of pre-crafted baskets, boxes and trays that work well as employee recognition gifts and employee thank you gifts; however, we are also proud to offer custom corporate gifts for employees. After selecting the items you’d like for your basket, we can gladly elevate your basket by adding customized branding.

We offer customizable cheeseboards and customized sleek slate coasters. We can gladly add your company logo to either of these practical and stylish accessories — these custom additions make fantastic employee Christmas gifts, too!

Further, we can add your company’s name to the ribbons that adorn the basket, giving it that extra special touch. While these custom details are fantastic additions to an employee appreciation gift, they’re also great for delighting and wowing clients, too.

We Do the Largest Employee Gift Orders Across North America

We proudly offer corporate gift guide catalogues and corporate web pages created to make bulk ordering easier for your company. We can show how baskets will look with your branding, and we only show you products that are suited to you — speeding up the ordering process and making it exceptionally easy for you to order employee appreciation gifts.

And lastly, on our custom web pages, we offer special pricing — just for you.

Our Final Thoughts on Employee Appreciation Gifts

You can always rely on us at Nutcracker Sweet for your gifts for employees, employee appreciation gifts and gifts for corporate clients. Whether you’d like to order individual baskets for team members, one large basket for the office, or maybe you’re sending gifts for remote employees across North America — we’re here to help. Keep us in mind for employee gifts throughout the year and for your holiday corporate gift baskets!

We can send corporate gift baskets in Toronto, across Canada and to the U.S.A. Visit our digital catalogue or connect with us today to learn more.

The Nutcracker Team

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