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Purchasing a gift basket can be overwhelming! With so many options and so many details to include, you might feel like you might have made the wrong choice. Once you know the ins and outs of knowing how to order a gift basket and knowing what to order, you are able to send a personal and even customizable gift basket that will make a long-lasting impression and keep things fresh!

1. Luxury Upgrades to Gift Baskets

You always want to send a gift basket in Toronto that is going to have a grand presentation and be the star of the show! When choosing a gift basket at Nutcracker Sweet there is always the option of making that gift basket a deluxe. These deluxe upgrades may include an assorted box of Rogers caramel chocolates or a Lindt Swiss Luxury box of chocolates, which makes the gift basket pop! Some gift baskets like the ‘Bold Encounter’ and ‘The Impression’ are actually made for potential upgrades, which make the gift basket perfect for any wedding, anniversary, or sympathy gifts.

Other deluxe options you can add to elevate your gift basket is a satin ribbon. You may pick the colour of your choice and we will make a handmade bow to attach to the top of the gift basket. In some cases, you may find yourself sending a gift basket to a family with a baby or child. A simple addition besides sending a baby gift basket is including a JellyCat plushy to the basket. Nutcracker Sweet also has an embroidery program in which you can go as far as getting a baby name embroidered onto the bunny for personalization.

2. Alcohol Additions

Our gourmet gift baskets include luxury products such as brie cheese and red pepper jelly that compliment and balance out the rich chocolates inside. There is nothing that pairs better with cheese and crackers than a beautiful smooth wine that’s perfect for raising the toast too. All you have to do with wine gifts is pick the alcohol of your choice (or we can pick for you!) that compliments the gift basket and we will incorporate it and send it out safely.

We offer a large selection of luxury alcohol boxes that were prepared with specific alcohol in mind and are surrounded with gourmet treats that compliment perfectly. With an array of luxury alcohol boxes to choose from you can pick what is personal to the recipient. If wine is not their thing we also have an assortment of champagne gifts and spirits gifts ready to go! Let them know that you care and know them better with our iconic alcohol additions.

3. Fuss Free Healthier Options

You could be searching for gift baskets in Toronto for a while, especially if you don’t know if they are still doing that diet or ‘’are they the ones with the celiac daughter?’’ It can be difficult, especially when working around a certain dietary restriction but why not work with it? We have a large collection of healthy gift baskets options suitable for anyone on a diet or restriction.

The ‘ Paiges Gluten-Free Gourmet ’ box is perfect for people with food sensitivities or even a person who loves to snack. It is filled with all decadent gluten-free treats that treat your stomach right back. We also have a vegan box with snacks and spreads perfect for any special diet or allergy. Our healthy gift baskets range from keeping things light with our famous Cheese Board to the Iconic Infusions by Charlie and Sam’s tea set. Save the panic and stick with a healthy gift basket.

4. Corporate Specialties

Standing out is a challenge sometimes and being memorable is part of that challenge.
Even if you manage to send an outstanding gift basket it may not represent your brand. Nutcracker Sweet is a corporate specialist company that gets what you need and how you need it! We are professionals in logo branding and preparing corporate gift baskets on time every time, with your logo on ribbons, boxes, basket bases, cards, or even stickers! If you have an idea we can do the job

We also provide gifting options for corporate baby basket gifting. This includes embroidery with names or logos on baby onesies, blankets, plushies, and more! The corporate gift basket branding options are truly endless. Corporate gift baskets in Toronto are our specialty and our knowledge shows in our over 35 years in business.

5. Step up with Sugar Chic

When you think of gift baskets in Toronto you may think of a food basket filled with all gourmet treats; which is true although a gem for gifting and keeping things fresh is our Sugar Chic luxury candy sets. They are filled with a combination of rich gourmet chocolates and sweet high-end candy. They are bright, fun, and suitable for any office or gathering. These Sugar Chic candy sets come from our new and iconic ‘Bottoms Up’ set. The Sugar Chic set comes with four different candies all with non-alcoholic flavours; the most popular being the Prosecco bears. If you are looking for a non-traditional way to stand out, Sugar Chic is the way to go!

Considering all these options to elevate, stand out, and personalize there is so much you can do with Nutcracker Sweet’s gift baskets in Toronto. Be confident in knowing all the ways you can elevate and personalize your perfect gift baskets in Toronto. We are here to help with all your gifting and delivery needs when you order Nutcracker Sweet’s gifts ;).

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