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Why giving quality gifts matters

Gift giving is such a fun way to show someone that you care. Whether you are giving a birthday gift, a new baby gift, a new home gift, a holiday gift or any gift, really, it can be such a fun experience to find something truly unique and thoughtful for the gift’s recipient. Seeing someone light up because of a gift you gave them is a truly rewarding experience. As the adage goes, it is better to give than to receive. 

But as fun as shopping for a gift for someone can be, it can also be overwhelming. Maybe you don’t know the person you are shopping for well. Or you are simply working with a budget that is smaller than you might like. Maybe you are short on time or maybe your recipient is hard to buy for. All of these reasons, and more, may have you turning to inexpensive, trinket-y gifts in larger quantities and forgoing quality gifts. 

According to this article, $16 billion dollars is spent annually on unwanted gifts. And almost 10% of adults knowingly give gifts they admit are “ungiftable.” That’s a lot of money wasted on gifts nobody actually really wants…

Reasons to give high-quality gifts

Although it might seem easy to go pick up a cutesy notepad and pen or a package of fancy-looking hand lotion at your local gift shop, you might want to stop and rethink your gifting. Inexpensive, impersonal gifts are just that- inexpensive and impersonal. They might be easy to pick up and easy to gift to all sorts of recipients (bosses, employees, siblings, coworkers, friends, family), but will they be well-received? Will they be used and appreciated? If they feel impersonal and generic, the answer is probably no. If the gift you give is simply banished to the recipients “re-gifting” pile or tossed in a donation box, then all of your effort was for nothing. 

Aside from not wanting your effort to not go to waste, though, there are several reasons you should strive to give high-quality gifts:

  1. It’s better for the environment. If we stop purchasing small, cheap trinkets because we invest in quality gifts, less items end up in landfills. It is easy to toss a gift you know the giver bought on a whim. You might think twice about tossing a gift that was clearly selected with care.
  2. It will decrease demand, which will decrease supply. If we stop buying low-quality items in favor of high-quality ones, then demand for trinkets will decrease. If demand decrease enough, manufacturers will cut down on supply, which is definitely better for the environment. 
  3. It will save you money to think twice. If you truly don’t know what to buy someone, maybe ask their friends and loved ones what they might like. Or think about experiences you can share together that would eliminate the need for you to buy generic gifts that might go unappreciated. If you are unable to find out what they like, can you go with a heartfelt card? A $20 gift that is immediately discarded is simply a waste of $20. 

Give high-quality gifts with Nutcracker Sweet

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The Nutcracker Team

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