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Learning that a friend, family member or co-worker is expecting is sure to inspire happy, joyful emotions and the desire to celebrate! Usually, the family will host a baby shower in the run-up to the due date — traditionally four to six weeks before.

Baby showers are a wonderful opportunity to connect with friends, family and loved ones to celebrate a new addition and support the parents-to-be. It’s a time for merriment where the family is ‘showered’ with love, good wishes and, of course, baby shower gifts.

Interestingly, baby showers are an age-old practice with a rich history from ancient Egyptian and Greek civilizations. It goes without saying that while celebrating a new baby is an old one, the way we celebrate has evolved since then.

Today, shower hosts serve food and drinks alongside other activities: games are played, crafts are laid out for optional participation, and newborn baby gifts are given to the parents-to-be.

Choosing Baby Shower Gifts Can Be Tricky

Deciding on the perfect gifts for a baby — whether there is a shower or not — comes with a unique set of challenges. While some families opt for a registry highlighting their desired baby gifts, in some instances, the parents may not have one — this is especially common if it’s their second, third or fourth child, maybe leaving you a little unsure how to proceed. To gift? Or to not gift? That’s the question!

In other cases, you might open a registry and find that all the ‘good things’ have gone, or that the baby gift you had your eye on has been snapped up. And there’s always the chance that you have nabbed something great from the registry, but you’d like to give your gift an extra-special surprise boost.

In any of these instances, a gift basket or one of our luxury baby boxes is a fantastic gifting solution. If you’ve been seeking baby gifts in Canada, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help!

Let Nutcracker Sweet Take the Pressure Off

At Nutcracker Sweet, we provide decadent and luxurious food-centric gift baskets and food-based custom gift baskets in Toronto (and beyond!). But we also offer a beautiful selection of carefully crafted baby shower gift baskets, which are chock-full of unique baby gifts — we can even help you to create your own unique personalized baby gift!

Here are a few reasons why our gift baskets are ideal gifts for baby shower celebrations and for parents who have chosen to celebrate peacefully at home!

A man is holding a woman from behind, kissing her cheek. They're at a colourful outdoor baby shower with a table of cakes in front and a balloon arch behind.

There Are So Many Styles of Baby Gift Basket

Regardless of the nursery theme, the parents’ tastes, the items that the parents need, or the gender of the baby, a Nutcracker Sweet baby gift basket is sure to satisfy and delight. That’s because we craft a wide selection of luxury gift baskets and boxes, including:

  • Various-themed baby gift baskets and boxes — like dinosaur- and unicorn-themed baskets (to name just a few!),
  • neutral baby gift baskets — which boast a selection of neutrally toned items (with yellow, sage and grey options), easily accommodating the gender of the baby; we recommend one of these newborn baby gifts for parents who have chosen to keep the baby’s gender a surprise!
  • Colour-themed baskets are ideal for parents who don’t have a theme but they’ve picked a colour for the nursery, or they simply have a favourite colour.
  • Baskets and boxes for parents who love a specific character like the Hungry Caterpillar or Sophie the Giraffe. And yes, we stock the incredibly popular Jellycat baby gift set options.
  • Lastly, we offer gender-specific baby girl gift baskets and baby boy baskets, which are perfect baby shower gifts if the parents know the gender of the baby and want to celebrate it.

Each baby gift basket and box is filled with unique baby gifts that are as adorable and as practical as the last, so whichever option you choose, we feel confident the recipient will be delighted.

Baby Gift Baskets Are Full of Essentials

Our baby gift baskets aren’t just visual showstoppers; they’re also filled with key essentials for parents and baby. Often providers of luxury baby gifts don’t consider the practicalities of bringing a newborn home. That’s not the case here — our baby gift baskets comprise premium baby toys and accessories to ensure your gift is top-tier and sensible. This means our baskets can include books, the softest blankets, cute garments (like onesies and hats), and teething rings. Further, our products are F.D.A. approved where applicable, ensuring optimal safety.

While our gift baskets contain many newborn baby gifts, many hand-selected items will grow with the baby, like our breathable muslin security blanket, high-contrast books, silicone suction bowl and spoon sets, plushies and snack bags. This means that whether the recipients receive their baskets as baby shower gifts or as a surprise, they’re sure to offer them a lifetime of happy memories.

Our Gift Baskets Can Be Personalized and Customized

We make gift-giving easy by providing a selection of pre-crafted baskets. But rest assured that you can personalize and customize your baby gift basket. Whether you want to add additional products, add a custom ribbon decorated with the baby’s name in either baby pink or baby blue (for just $5), or add a fully personalized product — we can help!

A personalized baby gift is a wonderful way to go beyond traditional gift-giving. We are proud to offer personalized baby gift baskets in Canada, and to our customers in the U.S. We offer adorable customization options for an array of luxury products, including fleece blankets, onesies, Jellycat plushies, and gorgeous customizable wooden chests — ideal for keeping baby keepsakes and milestone items safe. Each of these items can be personalized with the baby’s name.

Sending a Gift Basket Is a Breeze

Life gets busy — we understand! That’s why our final thought on why gift baskets are the ultimate baby gift is that they offer fantastic convenience.

If you want to send skilfully wrapped and packaged baby gifts in Canada or the U.S., connect with us. Not only are our baskets filled with charming, practical and elevated baby wares — each piece carefully selected by our expert team — but they’re also easy to send. Place your order online, adding on any customizations you’d like, and we’ll gladly ship your basket straight to the recipient’s door from our Toronto warehouse.

Final Thoughts

A new baby is a true blessing. If you’ve been typing in ‘personalized baby gifts Canada’ in your search bar, hunting for baby gift baskets in Toronto, or perhaps you want to send gifts for baby shower festivities in the U.S.A. — we can help. View our digital catalogue and browse our website today for the best baby shower gifts.

If you’re unsure where to begin, reach out, and our team will be happy to help you craft the perfect selection of luxury baby gifts for both parent and baby — we’re always happy to help celebrate a new addition!

The Nutcracker Team

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