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This year administrative professionals’ day, also known as admin day, is on April 26, 2017. Since you still have time to figure out what to do for administrative professionals’ day, we are here to help you with the gift-giving portion of the day.

But first, what is Admin Day?

Administrative Professionals’ Day is a corporate holiday to celebrate and thank the administrative professionals in your office. These professionals make the operations of your business or company a success on a daily basis. This can include receptionists, secretaries and administrative assistants. Admin Day provides a great opportunity to recognize the hard work that your support team puts in to keep things within the business running smoothly.

Admin Day has become one of the largest workplace celebrations. It is very important that businesses acknowledge this special corporate holiday. Generally, the holiday is observed by giving the administrative staff gifts, which is where we come in.

Our Top Selections

If you are looking for gift ideas for your secretary or assistant, then you are looking in the right place. The following are the most popular administration day gift baskets:

1. Admin Day Tower

If you’re looking for the perfect way to say, “Thank You” this Administrative Professionals’ Day, then look no further! The Admin Day Tower is filled with yummy sweets will be sure to please any recipient. It is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth as it’s topped with an assortment of treats, such as Brownie Brittle, Lindt Lindor Balls, dried fruits and Next Dark Chocolate Cherries and Coconut. This gift tower includes custom Admin Day ribbon. It adds a great finishing touch to a very thoughtful gift; it is the perfect way to show your appreciation!

2. Chocolate Shop Signature Pack

Packaged in a cute tote box, our Chocolate Shop Signature Pack is a chocolate gift basket in Toronto that comes with hard to resist goods such as s’mores, chocolate jumbo pretzels, dark sponge toffee, peanut butter pretzels, chocolate cranberries, Pikes Peak (chocolate, pecans, caramel and marshmallow) and more. It is ideal for office sharing and has become the go-to gift for many!

3. Saint-Germain

The Saint-Germain gift basket features a choice assortment of cheese and crackers, chocolates, brownie brittle, and other goodies. It is perfect for customization to guarantee that this gift idea for your secretary or assistant will be a hit! Whether they need a healthy snack, a delightful dessert or a savoury snack, they’ll find something in this all-in-one gift basket.

So when you are trying to figure out what to do for administrative professionals’ day, give us a call at (416) 782-3232 — we will help you select the best gift basket in Toronto for you. Contact us today!

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