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The wedding season is upon us, and it’s not going anywhere for a good four months. Now, chances are you have been invited to a wedding and struggled with what to get the newlyweds. Sometimes even their registry doesn’t seem to help and can lead to predictable gifts.

Are you ready to stand out amongst the crowd and give a gift basket for a wedding present? Then you’re in luck, we have a number of baskets that are perfect for the occasion.

Here are our 5 favourite wedding gift basket ideas for wedding presents that you can gift this wedding season:

1. Icelandic Ice Bucket 

Our Icelandic Ice Bucket is filled to the top with gourmet items that will thrill the newlyweds. It has an assortment of Lindt chocolates, Ghirardelli chocolate squares, roasted mixed nuts, camembert Castello cheese, Elsa’s story baked crackers. To top it off, we include a lovely bottle of white wine.

2. Gourmet Signature 

Our Gourmet Signature gift basket is packed with delicious and savoury treats. It is held in a stainless steel colander that the newlyweds can put to good use in their kitchen. This gift basket idea for a wedding present includes Godiva chocolate, Marco Zanier pasta, gourmet cuisine oil and baked crackers for Elsa’s Story.

3. Cheese Please

The Cheese Please gift basket comes with two soft and creamy Camembert and Brie cheeses from Castello, fresh and gooey Compote from Wildly Delicious, crispy and crunchy cranberry and hazelnut crackers, and light and delicious Monet crackers. This all comes paired with pimento olives, a beautiful ceramic cheese board and a stunning stainless steel knife that will complement any newlyweds’ kitchen.

If you want to take advantage of these alternative gift ideas for wedding presents, then get in contact  with us or visit one of our Toronto locations. Browse our gift baskets available for gift basket delivery in Toronto and across Canada.

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