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As big kids, little kids, moms and dads get prepared to go back to school, what better way to celebrate than with one of our great Back to School gift baskets. Whether your little one is heading off to school for the first time, or maybe your big little one is heading off to college, there are they need – and things they want!

We have come up with four Back to School gift baskets to take a little of the strain of transition from vacations to school.

1. Creative Crafts Baby Boy – As the early grades of primary learning are often based around arts and crafts, it is probable that toddlers and young learners will develop a love for all things creative. This creative crafts gift basket comes jam-packed with a rainbow of Crayola pencil crayons, washable markers, and paint, and metallic paper to make artistic masterpieces shine, making colouring, drawing, finger-painting and much more, possible. The goodies come in a reusable, child-safe tote with a fun design of an animal to inspire any baby boy.

2. Creative Crafts Baby GirlThe creative crafts baby girl gift basket comes with the same creative tools as the boy`s version – a pallet of Crayola pencil crayons, washable markers and paint, and metallic paper. The difference is the design on the exciting, fabric tote, which, stuffed full of fun, is specially made for your budding artist to quench her thirst for all things arty and crafty.

3. Men’s Spa Gift BasketAs one of our college care packages, the Men`s Spa gift basket is the perfect gift for a young man who is flying the nest for the first time. Avoid worrying about his cleanliness and whether he is looking after himself, by gifting your young man with all the essentials. The gift box comes with an executive travel grooming set to ensure that he is clean-shaven, including an advanced moisture shave cream, hydrating after shave, and an exfoliating face scrub. Everything he needs to be looking respectable.

4. Nuts & Dried Fruit Gift BasketThe Nuts & Dried fruit basket comes overflowing with healthy and delicious snacks – ideal for mom to pop into those lunchboxes for an energy boost during the long school day.

Be prepared for going back to school with one of these exciting gift baskets in Toronto, which can be picked up at one of our Toronto locations to make those first few days a whole lot easier.


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