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Halloween sure is a fun holiday. I used to see it as a sort-of candy Christmas! And of course all the fun of dressing up and putting together a costume ahead of time! As adults, we can forgo the festivities because we might be focused on the kids’ fun! But Halloween or harvest parties have really started to become more popular, and they’re just for us grown-ups! If you’re not already attending one, why not start one of your own! Everyone can always use a good costume contest — you really get to see your guests’ creativity (and humour) come out! Here at Nutcracker Sweet, we take these festivities seriously and we’re proud of it — it’s what we do!

For corporate purposes, don’t let anyone forget what a fun supervisor, manager or C.E.O. you are! Your employees will truly feel appreciated to receive a gesture like a corporate gift basket for Halloween. When work stress levels get high, it would be fantastic to focus on a fun costume party to liven up the atmosphere! Boosting morale in the office has never been easier.

When entertaining you can always trust us to have the nibbles and sweets covered. If you’re a guest it is always important to thank your host for inviting you and putting the event together! There is so much they must do to be company-ready, so add a sweet compliment for their gracious efforts! As a host the decorating is half the fun! And what better centrepiece to your snacks table than a beautiful, bountiful Halloween basket! Our gift baskets in Toronto are hand-made using only the highest quality items. Their beauty is the best way to compliment any host’s table.

Trick or treating doesn’t have to be the only fun Halloween event for the kids. A children’s party will certainly be an amazing memory that they will have for years to come! Costume fashion shows, bobbing for apples, even a themed movie or two are some activities not to be missed. For fashion show winners, don’t forget their prize: A spooky Halloween treats or Jack-o-lantern pail! Happy Halloween to all!

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