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It’s the most wonderful time of the year and the Nutcracker team is so excited! You might have guessed and it might go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway… We love the holiday season! Something about the smell of peppermint and pine trees makes us smile, and we can’t help but share that happiness with all of you. Over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about making your gift recipients happy.

No matter what someone’s food preferences or dietary restrictions might be, everyone deserves (and will love) a treat. For all those hard-working loved ones in your life, the holidays are a great opportunity to show them how much we appreciate them.  Nothing says that more than tasty treats! Especially for those busy folks who never seem to remember to take it easy. Tea or hot chocolate is also a sure-fire way to drive the point home: take a break, pamper yourself and warm up!

The holidays can truly be filled with high stress levels. Our present list can get pretty lengthy and shopping should be a competitive sport since it is so exhausting! Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that a holiday should be relaxing, and leave it up to the experts. There are a myriad of businesses and services out there that can find, wrap, deliver, decorate, shop, cook, bake or broil for any of your holiday needs. No need to feel guilt for handing the hard work to someone else–it’s their specialty! Make it easier on yourself and spend more time with all the family and friends you only see this time of year! It’s important to relish those moments…and some delicious goodies as well!

The best thing about gift giving is the look on the recipient’s face, and we at Nutcracker Sweet take pride in creating that look! Make sure to capture all the moments you can on camera, and they will be sure to be fun to look back on years from now. Take in all the trees, lights and ice-skating you can! Decorate cookies ’till you drop! This really is the best time of year.

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