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Buying a gift for someone with a new baby can be at times challenging. Sometimes you may not know the person that well, or you don’t know what they actually want.  As well, if you haven’t had a baby around the house for some time, you don’t know what’s “in” and what people can use when they have a newborn! Nutcracker Sweet has the perfect solution to your problem—baby gift baskets. For over 30 years, we’ve provided the largest selection of baby gift baskets in Toronto. Nutcracker Sweet provides gift baskets for every occasion—birthdays, weddings, sympathy, Christmas, Passover, Easter, Hanukkah, Mother’s & Father’s Days, you name it. So, naturally it wouldn’t be any different when it comes to a new baby! We’re happy to provide you with a great selection of baskets for this happy and exciting time!

Our baby baskets are really one-of-a-kind and have a certain flare to them. We use well known and established companies that provide the best quality and safe baby products.  We are constantly updating the gifts each year and looking at what’s popular and trending in the baby world. What we especially love about our baby gift baskets is that many of them have a certain theme to them, and all of the items fit perfectly under that theme. Take our Curious George basket, for example. The basket contains a Curious George plush toy, a Curious George book, monkey pajamas and other monkey-themed items! Or our Adorable Baby Cuteness gift basket—it’s filled with all alphabet themed items! As always, all products that are in the baby gift baskets are of very high quality. We know it’s important to choose products that are safe because we know babies are very sensitive. So, for a new baby in the family, or even a toddler’s birthday gift, you know where to go! Send a gift basket in Toronto instead of running around looking for things — we’ve got the best stuff right here!

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