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Preparing for Passover is a little different than many holidays. Passover preparation requires an unusual type of household cleaning, making food inconsistent with one’s regular diet and ensuring all of the food is bought and Chamets free! Chamets are forbidden food for the 8 days of Passover as it signifies the abrupt action of the Israelites leaving Egypt; this was an immediate action disallowing time for bread to rise. Chamets are anything food products that contains wheat, rye, barley, spelt and oats.

Most families decide to disperse of all Chamets from the household during the holiday of Passover. One new and exciting way to get rid of all of it is with a bonfire! Use this as a time to invite frineds and family over a few days before the holiday with all of their ‘leavened’ bread and roast it over the fire. Ideas include bringing meats to cook, such as hot dogs and hamburgers to go into the bread, or marshmallows and graham crackers to pair up. The whole idea is to make giving up Chamets family and friends friendly!

Following the bonfire days comes the actual holiday of Passover, and more importantly, the 2 Seder nights! Often times we find ourselves dozing in and out of sleep due to the lengthy Seder book we are to read. To be honest, of what is read much is not paid close attention to as people are sitting there hungry and focused on the food to come! On April 22nd this year, Nutcracker Sweet has some fun activities and ideas to engage all family and friends for the first and second night at the Seder table!

In the Haggadah, the book read on Passover, we read about the 10 plagues that were sent down when Pharaoh wouldn’t let the Israelites go. A fun and exciting thing to prepare prior to the Seder is printing out or drawing the 10 plagues and pasting them on Popsicle sticks! This way you can hold the sticks and make a skit out the plagues. To add another element of humor, you can create a Pharaoh and Israelites! If this is going to be the year to grab your Seder table’s attention, why not go full out! This will surely have the table up and at it in no time.

To bring the Seder to life, and keep those small children and exhausted adults alert, try adding some live music; additional songs that all know the tune of are helpful! I know that personally, these are the songs I look forward to as not only are they in English, but are to the tune of some of my favourite songs. Many of these catchy Passover songs made to the same tune as fan favourites can be found on the internet, or created before the Seder by those wanting to help out!

When all is said and done you will have had lots of laughter, smiles, and hopefully no sleepers! From Nutcracker Sweet to our wonderful clients, we wish you the happiest of holidays, and an easy Passover! Chag Sameach!

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