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There are several traditions and rituals when celebrating Easter. Traditions and rituals include Easter egg hunts, egg painting, eating anything and everything chocolate, and a whole lot more. Be sure to read up on all of the below fun Easter facts in order to impress the table, and learn some exciting reasons behind the above Easter traditions.


Fact 1: The tallest chocolate Easter egg ever was made in Italy in 2011. At 10.39 metres in height and 7,200 kg in weight, it was taller than a giraffe and heavier than an elephant!

Fact 2: Americans consume over 16 million jellybeans on Easter, enough to circle the globe three times over.

Fact 3: 90 million chocolate bunnies, 91.4 billion eggs and 700 million peeps are produced each year in the United States.

Fact 4: We celebrate Easter with chocolate eggs to make this a ‘sweet’ and memorable holiday!

Fact 5: Easter is the second largest candy holiday next to Halloween.

Fact 6: Chocolate makes up 70% of the candy purchased on Easter.

Fact 7: Americans buy more than 700 million marshmallow peeps during the Easter holiday, which makes “peeps” the most popular non-chocolate Easter candy.

Fact 8: 76 % of people eat the ears on their chocolate bunny first!

Fact 9: Over 90 million chocolate Easter bunnies are produced each year.

Fact 10: Chocolate eggs were adopted to get people excited about the holiday, and to create conversation surrounding Easter. For example, why are eggs iconic figures of Easter?

Fact 11: The world’s most popular egg shaped chocolate is Cadbury Cream Eggs.

Fact 12: In 2012, London, England hosted the world’s biggest Easter egg hunt.

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