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What goes into our gift baskets is not set in stone… it’s set in cellophane and tied with a bow—meaning it can be easily changed! At Nutcracker Sweet, though we value tradition, we also value the idea of being progressive and innovative, and always being on the hunt for the best new products, because we know there is always room for improvement on our baskets. As many of our clients who have been with us for years know, all of our baskets’ contents change often—sometimes every few years, and sometimes even from one year to another. We often consider the feedback we get from our customers about different products very seriously. Products that get great approval ratings are left in, but the items that our customers feel could be better are always being replaced with something better!

It’s hard finding new products, especially food-related, to put in our baskets and replace old ones. We have our workers constantly on a “hunt” when out at the store, even if they are just grocery shopping for themselves. You never know what you may randomly find! We also often have different companies that bring us in a variety of different new products for us to sample in the office! Though the eating part of it is fun, the pressure is on, as we want to always make sure we are choosing the most delicious, and more importantly highest quality product that we can. Another way we find new products is by doing research—and lots of it. We look at blogs, food websites, foodie blogs, and social media sources like Pinterest to help us find the new hot items! Once we see things online we have to go out and find where we can buy them, because you can’t order food online! Sometimes there are products that we would LOVE to feature, and we have such a hard time finding them! Or, sometimes we’ll run all over looking for items and then find that they’re not even good!

Although finding new products to replace old ones is hard work, nothing could be more important to us. We want to be consistent in the quality of our custom gift baskets in Toronto and continue to maintain a high level of quality amongst all the products—that way our customers know that everything put in their basket was well thought-out and planned very carefully.

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