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Today marks the beginning of our 12 day countdown to Valentine’s Day. We don’t mean to scare you but the most romantic day is closely approaching and if you are not prepared, it is time to start! The city is filled with Valentine’s Day lots of lovey colours and ambiences; pink, white and of course, red.

Every store has a dedicated section for all the Valentine’s day goodies, such as roses, cards, and chocolates. With so many options it’s hard to decide what to get but do not panic, we are all here to help.

Nutcracker Sweet has prepared the ultimate collection of Valentine’s Day gift baskets in Toronto, combining the best Valentine goodies for your loved ones. Often, everything about these gifts are absolutely perfect, but our customers are always stuck on their sweet and romantic greeting to their special someone. Some are embarrassed of their adorable pet names for each other, while others have trouble making card greetings more personal.

Helpful Hints For the Special Day

To make sure you do not encounter this dilemma, here are some thoughtful hints to follow:

  1. Nicknames/ Pet names is a MUST!
    Attaching a personal nickname or pet name makes all the difference when you are trying to make your gift basket a special one. Your gift recipient will immediately connect with the message and gift once they see their personalized name, they’ll know that it was made specially for him/her. Pet names and nicknames are often used during the good moments; therefore, attaching a sweet pet name will remind him/her of all the sweet memories you have shared!
    We are a Toronto gift basket company and we receive a lot of embarrassed customers. They often giggle and chuckle trying to explain what they want to say. Attention Customers, there is no need to be embarrassed. Our staff receive all sorts of messages but, the Nutcracker team’s prime focus is on making the gift giving process easy and smooth for you. Before you make your order, write down what you would like to say as if you were writing the card. We promise no judgements are being made. When you call and are asked for the greeting message, just read what you wrote and you’ll find there was no need to be embarrassed.
  3. Make sure ‘Love’ is in your Message
    Believe it or not, many customers are too focused on making this gift special, they forget to add in the word ‘love’ into their message. If you don’t want to write ‘I love you’, just add the word into your signature. Here are some examples:
  • Love,
  • With Love,
  • Love Always,
  • Lot’s of Love,
  • Much Love to you,
  • All My love,

We hope we were able to help with your Valentine’s Day. If you are unprepared, do not worry you still have 12 days till the most romantic day of the year. We will always be here to make all your gifting needs a simple and impressive one. Give us a call at 416-782-3232 for more helpful hints and if you would like to order a gift basket! Have a very loving February 14th!


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