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Just a few days ago, we counted down to 2017! We sent thousands of gifts on behalf of our customers expressing their sweet holiday greetings and best wishes for the coming New Year. We loved hearing all the positive feedback from both our customers and recipients. However, the gifting season never ends here at Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets.

We have already prepared an astounding line of gift baskets for our Valentine’s Day gift baskets collection. That’s right, this is a friendly reminder that February is right around the corner and always creeps up on every one of us. We urge you to order early before we sell out!

All of our Valentine’s Day gift baskets hold an award-winning assortment of goodies and treats. It is perfect for your loved ones. With the perfect balance of Valentine’s day favourites alongside chocolate classics, we are known to create the best gift baskets in town. We guarantee to maintain our high standards within our Valentine’s Day collection.

It can be very difficult to find that perfect gift for your loved one. Hence why, gift baskets are your ideal go-to gift that everyone will love. A gift basket holds a multiple number of sweet surprises. A little joy is added as the recipient unravels each and every item inside the sweet package. Find inside, classic cinnamon hearts, gingerbread heart shaped cookies, heart-shaped chocolate delectable and many more Valentine’s Day must-haves in each of our baskets. We only include the highest quality chocolates and treats inside every basket.

We love being a part of the amazing romantic stories that occur on February 14th. From surprises in the workplace to adorable romantic messages attached onto our romantic gifts, we wish all of our customers and recipients a joyful and loving Valentine’s Day. For this coming year, make all events including Valentine’s Day a special one!

The gifting season is yet to be over and in fact, is an on-going task that will be important throughout 2017. Spread smiles and joy by sending gift baskets in Toronto this coming Valentine’s Day!

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