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The summer months get people to explore and enjoy the outdoors with its warm temperatures and longer days. With that in mind, summer gift basket ideas can be used during any summer activity—going to the cottage, hosting a party, or just spending time with your family.

Summer wouldn’t be the same without all the tasty snacks and treats that come along with it. To help you enjoy your summer to the fullest, we made a list of 4 summer-themed gift basket ideas to enjoy with your friends and family.

Mini Muskoka Chair

Does your family plan on going to the cottage this summer? Well if you have a little one, he or she will love the Muskoka Mini Chair. This stunning creation is available for a boy, pictured to the right, a girl or in neutral colours. The great summer-themed gift basket idea comes with a plush blanket, an adorable onesie, a Dr. Seuss book, and some toys to keep your little one entertained. Everyone will fall in love with the showstopper!

Party Pleaser

The Party Pleaser is amongst our famous sharable trays and is perfect for any summer gift basket ideas that you will either give to a friend or get for a party. The summer-themed gift basket is overflowing with 9 varieties of finger foods including chocolate covered almonds, gourmet jelly beans, Italian Sorini chocolate truffles, sweet and salty nuts and much more.

Pizza Perfect

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean there will be sunshine all the time. So for the times that the party is indoors, use the Pizza Perfect to cook up some summer fun. This summer gift basket comes with a fiery red pizza stone, a stylish cheese grater, a traditional pizza cutter, herbs and spices, pizza paste, pizza oil, Monet crackers with dip, and Godiva truffles. With all these treats, you’ll be able to impress friends and family with your pizza-making skills.

The Royalton with Wine

You deserve to feel like royalty this summer, and The Royalton with Wine will do just that! To make this summer gift basket extra special, a classic selection of Lindt chocolate has been added. Other sweets include Godiva and Marich chocolates, California Crisps’ dried fruits, almond biscotti, chocolate covered fruit, Castello cheeses and much more. You also have your choice of red or white wine to make this wine gift basket the perfect fit for your recipient or for your next party.

Are you ready to enjoy your summer to the fullest? Visit us at one of our Toronto locations or call us at 1-888-688-2757 to find the perfect summer-themed gift basket in Toronto that’s right for you!

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