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Canada Day is less than a week away and excitement is elevated as Canada celebrates its 150th birthday.

Canada 150 is a special occasion to be apart of and what better way to celebrate than with Canada Day gift baskets in Canada and Canada Day treats?

We have created and customized the following Canada Day treats to help you enjoy this momentous occasion to the fullest:  

1.Maple Leaf Gingerbread Cookie

This Maple Leaf Gingerbread Cookie is one of our brightest and reddest cookies to date. This Canada Day treat will not disappoint anyone in taste or pride. Whether you splurge on a cookie for yourself or are buying for another, this cookie is hard to resist.

2. Canada Jersey Sugar Cookie

If gingerbread cookies aren’t your cup of tea, then the Canada Jersey Sugar Cookie may be a better fit. This delicious sugar cookie is proud to be Canadian and is ready to say hello to your recipient in your Canadian-themed gift basket.

3. True North

True North is a symbolic Canada day gift basket that is filled with Canadian snacking essentials. Each basket contains ice wine chocolates, maple syrup, maple crunch, maple cream cookies and more. This is truly a Canadian classic with numerous Made in Canada snacks that any proud Canadian would enjoy.

4. Maple Leaf Chocolate Pop

The Maple Leaf Chocolate Pop is one of our favourite Canada Day treats. This delicious chocolate lollipop is the perfect gift for your patriotic chocoholic friend as he or she celebrates Canada 150. Show off your Canadian pride with this chocolate pop with a bright red maple leaf in the middle and a red bow to top it all off.

5. Inuksuk Chocolate

To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday we wanted to create a unique Canada Day treat that everyone would love. Our Inuksuk Chocolates are delicious and the perfect addition to any Canada Day gift basket.

Are you looking for some Canada Day treats to help celebrate Canada 150? Look no further than Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets. Visit one of our Toronto locations or give us a call at 1-888-688-2757 to start the celebration today.



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