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The months of May and June are two of the busiest of the whole year. Between the coming of spring, Mother’s Day, the end of school coming up, and summer being on the horizon, by the time we get to June we often find ourselves overloaded with plans. We’ve got graduations, soccer games, barbecues, school concerts, and cottage weekends planned, and often once Mother’s Day is over, we breathe a sigh of relief. Because we’re still so busy afterwards, Father’s Day becomes another “to-do” in our schedules, and sometimes we neglect to plan in advance for it.  Father’s Day is a perfect way to slow down our schedules and make time for family, especially our fathers, husbands, uncles and grandfathers.

Many people often get stressed about the effort they must put into Father’s Day planning. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed for this year’s Father’s Day, it can be a good idea to try embracing the holiday as an opportunity to take a mindful rest from your crazy-busy schedule. Use the time to spend with family and those close to you, or even plan a thoughtful gesture for your loved one. Rather than focusing on getting a big or expensive material gift, many people will opt to plan something special like a family barbecue, a day of golf, getting tickets and going to a sports game, or even going to see a long-anticipated movie or musical. Planning a Father’s Day activity is a perfect way to alleviate some stress in all the craziness of the spring and set aside time for family.

One idea that we love is a Father’s Day centred around barbecue. Barbecuing can be daunting to some, but once you get the hang of it, grilling is actually one of the easier ways to make dinner in the warmer months. Barbecuing at this time of year is a great excuse to spend more time outside. Even with the weather getting warmer and sunnier in May and June, it can be hard to find ways soak up the outdoors. Choosing to barbecue dinner is a great way to force yourself to get outside! And, if you’re already out there, why not sit down for dinner at your patio? Getting to spend the evening outside is a great way to calm your mindset, be one with nature, and of course, spend time with your dads!

Even better, grilling makes it easy to entertain large groups. Having a big family barbecue can be as easy as throwing some burgers, veggies, ribs, or hot dogs on the grill, making a few salads, and having a cooler of beer ready to go. Having a family barbecue is a great way to say thanks to dad and show him you care and doesn’t require a ton of work. And, who doesn’t love a good barbecue?

This year, we are so proud of our main Father’s Day gift basket, featuring all the grilling essentials. With amazing spices and rubs from top brands like The Keg, barbecue sauces, and grilling appliances, this basket is sure to be a big help this Father’s Day. If you aren’t a planner and need something last minute, this gift is a great option to give to dad. Or, if you live out of town and won’t get to see your dad, sending this basket in the mail is a great way to show him you care and are thinking of him even though you are so far away.

Or, if you are planning on hosting that classic Father’s Day spring barbecue, this gift basket in Toronto is sure to be a crowd pleaser. All the products are there to make your barbecuing more delicious and much more convenient. Instead of marinating for hours or making your own spices and sauces, with this basket you will have gourmet barbecue essentials right at your fingertips. This basket makes barbecuing even easier than it already is! So get outside, enjoy your Father’s Day, and find a way to do something special without breaking the bank! Happy Father’s Day!

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