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The feeling of giving a present to a friend or relative is one of the best feelings in the world. But it’s not just the gift that is important but also the way it looks when you present it to them also plays a big part in the enjoyment that they will get from receiving it. So, knowing how to wrap a gift like a professional is important.

Even the craftiest people can struggle with wrapping gifts well. So here are some gift wrapping ideas that can help you on your way to the perfectly wrapped gift.

Use Thick Paper

Try to avoid thin wrapping paper as this can tear easily – especially at the corners. Tearing not only will give your receiver a sneak peek into what is inside, but also can look untidy and make wrapping the rest of the gift more difficult.

Understand the Corners

It is true to say that most people have the most difficulty wrapping the corners of a gift. Try to figure out how you are going to do them neatly beforehand. If it’s really tricky, do a practice round before going for the real thing.

Cover Up Your Mistakes 

Another good gift wrapping idea is to cover up your mistakes or untidy parts (if you have them) with a sticky label, bow, ribbon or decorative tape.

Get it Wrapped

Some might consider this to be the easy way out, but many shops offer a wrapping service, which you can use especially for trickier gifts.

Box It

If you have a gift that is a very difficult shape to wrap, think about putting it in a box or other container that is easier to wrap.

Gift Baskets

Give your friend or loved one a local gift basket in Toronto like ours here at Nutcracker Sweet. There’s no need to try to wrap it as we are experts at wrapping gift baskets, and you can give them a gift basket that is perfectly suited for them.

Making sure that the gift that you have bought your loved one is well wrapped is almost as important as the gift itself. By using these tips, you will be on your way to achieving a professional looking wrap. But if you prefer, choose a gift basket containing goodies that your recipient would really want and get the gift basket wrapping service that you want.

To see what gift baskets we offer, browse our gift baskets online or at one of our Toronto locations today.

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