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Celebrate 2022: The Year of the Tiger with great gifts from Nutcracker Sweet

The Lunar New Year is a big celebration in Chinese culture. Traditionally family and friends unite to celebrate the year ahead and wish each other well in the coming months. The Lunar New Year celebration marks the beginning of spring and the start of the new lunar calendar, whose months are based on moon cycles. In 2022, which is the Year of the Tiger, the Lunar New Year starts on February 1. 

Gifts are not uncommon at Lunar New Year celebrations. Most often, adults give children money in red envelopes called “hong bao” or “lai see.” This gesture symbolizes well wishes or the giving of good fortune for the year ahead to the children. If you are wanting to give friends a gift, it is common to give alcohol, tobacco or tea. If you are presenting elderly friends and family members with gifts, it is recommended you give items such as hats and gloves. 

If you are planning to send gifts for the Lunar New Year to friends and family, Nutcracker Sweet has the perfect Lunar New Year gift baskets for everyone on your list. You might consider, when gifting, the sentiment of giving gifts in even numbers, such as two bottles of wine or two packets of cigarettes. Gifting an odd number of something is not preferred. 

Lunar New Year gifts for friends

Wine Gift BasketsIf your recipient drinks alcohol, a wine gift basket from Nutcracker Sweet is an excellent choice to give. Our wine gift baskets come complete with a fine bottle of wine or bubbly in addition to a few shareable treats that will encourage your recipient to kick back and enjoy. Our wine gift baskets are only able to be shipped within Ontario.

Tea Gift BasketIf your gift basket recipient doesn’t imbibe, our tea gift basket is the perfect choice. Filled with gourmet tea and chocolate, our tea gift basket has decadent bites as well as flavorful tea that will show your recipient just how much they mean to you. 

Lunar New Year gifts for children

Book Club Gift BasketAlthough money in a red envelope is the commonly-preferred gift for kids during the Lunar New Year celebration, there is no reason why you can’t treat the kid in your life to a gift basket, as well! This cute basket has a fun board book as well as a stuffed animal and tote bag that is sure to be well-received by little ones. 

Goodnight Monkey Gift BasketThis soft, cuddly friend will be fun for a child as a new play mate or cuddly toy for bedtime. The hooded towel and rubber ducky are perfect for bath time along with the washcloths and nail brush. And the darling book will be fun to read again and again.

Lunar New Year gifts for your significant other

Godiva Gift BasketsChocolate is always well-received and an excellent gift for any recipient. Give the gift of decadent chocolate with one of our deluxe gift baskets overflowing with Godiva treats. 

Lindt Gift BasketsGive the gift of luscious Lindt chocolates from Switzerland! Gourmet and delicious, these chocolates will be well received by a loved one. If you’re really lucky, maybe your recipient will even share!

The Nutcracker Team

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