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This year, Passover begins on the evening of Wednesday, April 5th, 2023, and lasts through to the evening of Thursday, April 13th, 2023.

Passover is a beautiful way for family and friends to gather together to celebrate and rejoice. Seder — celebrated after nightfall on the first two nights of Passover and the final day of Passover — sees those who are gathered telling stories, singing, eating symbolic foods, reading, and drinking wine.

Sometimes, those of us who aren’t familiar with this holiday may have questions. Maybe you’re attending a dinner for the first time and wondering what to bring to Passover seder this year. Perhaps you live far away from those you’d like to celebrate with this April and want to learn more about sending them a Passover present. In either case, you’ve come to the right place! We offer a selection of kosher baskets and trays that are perfect if you’re unsure about what to bring to Passover.

For those of you who haven’t experienced a seder before, you may be tempted to make or bake food for your hosts when deciding what to bring to Passover dinner. However, cooking dishes to bring to a Passover dinner has some rules. During Passover, the Jewish community doesn’t use anything that contains yeast or flour (except for certified Matzah). Further, any consumables must be made in dishes that haven’t been used to prepare leavened foods — like bread, cakes, and cookies — with the exception of dishes and utensils that have been decreed kosher for Passover. With these strict rules in mind, opting for a prepared, certified kosher gifting-solution is a smart and convenient solution.

Here, we highlight our top picks: our favourite luxury kosher gift baskets, boxes and trays and some other suggestions that are perfect gifts for Passover dinner, as well as flawless gifts for friends and family members who live in a different town, province or state.

Sending a Gift to Friends and Family out of Town

If you’re unable to attend a family gathering this year — perhaps they live in another city or country — celebrate in spirit and surprise them with one of our Passover gift baskets in Toronto (and beyond — we ship all across North America!). While we have many gourmet baskets, we’ve spotlighted a small, handpicked selection of our best Passover baskets.

Our Passover Present Basket

In this option, classic Passover treats like nuts, candied fruit slices and Turkish coffee come expertly encased in a beautiful, birch-patterned gift basket. Our Passover Present Basket is a caring gift that lets friends and family know you’re thinking of them.

Our Chol Hamoed Bowl

An interesting fact: ‘Chol HaMoed’ is a Hebrew phrase that means “mundane of the festival,” in reference to the intermediate or transitional days of Passover — days of both mundane and festival-related activities.

Our Chol Hamoed bowl is brimming with lavish, decadent, gourmet treats that will be welcomed with open arms at any family celebration. It includes rich dark chocolates, sumptuous holiday candies and delicious fruits and nuts — to name just a few items!

Our Afikomen Basket

Our Afikomen basket is an ideal basket for sending to someone when you’re unable to attend their function in person. Seder hosts will be delighted to receive smooth fruit preserves, savoury snacks, and rich Turkish coffee — perfect supplies to ease hosting duties through morning meal preparations and provide a selection of opulent gourmet snacks to serve when guests arrive.

A beautifully decorated outdoor dinner table. It’s set for Passover dinner with bunches of lavender at either end.

What to Bring to Passover Dinner

All of our luxury baskets are fantastic, thoughtful, and practical gift-giving solutions. But if you’ve been unsure about what to bring for Passover dinner, our famous party trays are a superb option!

Why not let Nutcracker Sweet provide the perfect seder snacks this year? Our Passover trays come in small, medium, and large sizes to accommodate different parties.

Our trays not only look phenomenal — they’re sure to wow Passover guests — but they’re also laden with a Passover-appropriate assortment of tasty, sweet, savoury and decadent kosher snacks. Trays may include dried fruits and nuts, dark chocolate barks, Matzah Crunch clusters and fruit jellies — and so much more.

Our Passover Party Trays are great for Passover dinners, but they’re also ideal for celebrating Passover with coworkers. Bringing a Nutcracker Party Tray that’s chock-full of sumptuous sweets and tasty savoury treats to an office get-together. Leave one in the office kitchen for team members on their coffee breaks, and you’re sure to surprise and wow your fellow coworkers, awarding your serious brownie points!

Alternative Ideas if You Don’t Know What to Bring to Passover Seder

While we’ve included some of our most delectable arrangements here, we’ve also included some alternative gift-giving options, which make a fine combo partnered with a Nutcracker Gift Sweet Basket.

  • A potted plant or a floral arrangement in a vase are easy and straightforward gifts for a sure-to-be-busy host.
  • Kosher wine. Extra wine is sure to be appreciated for dinners with many guests! During a seder, adults drink four cups of wine during a meal.

We Offer Baskets for Other Celebrations

We also proudly offer a selection of other kosher gift baskets for other celebrations later in the year, including Rosh Hashanah gifts — which this year runs from the evening of Friday, September 15th to the evening of Sunday, September 17th — and Hannukah gift baskets, which falls between Friday, December 7th to Friday, December 15th.

Here at Nutcracker, we have over 35 years of experience in the gift-giving business. We are confident that each of our expertly wrapped holiday gift baskets and all of our kosher baskets are sure to satisfy, delight and impress all who receive them. Sending a gift basket isn’t just about providing a quality selection of products; it’s also an excellent way to let people know that you value them and that you’re thinking of them.

We hope that this post has helped you decide what to bring to Passover this year. If you’ve been seeking gift basket delivery in Toronto, if you have any questions, or if you’d like to learn more about our kosher offerings, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always happy to help!

The Nutcracker Team

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