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Toast your besties with a gift basket from Nutcracker Sweet

Girlfriends are true treasures. They support you through broken hearts and bad decisions, love you despite the physical distance that may separate you and have your back no matter what. From birthdays to bridal showers, they are by your side through it all. 

Nutcracker Sweet has the perfect gifts to help you celebrate the wonderful woman in your life. Whether she’s having a baby, getting married, got a promotion or is celebrating a birthday, we want to help you show your bestie just how much she means to you. Our Toronto gift basket delivery is perfect for a number of occasions and will let your BFF know she’s number one in your life.

The occasion: she’s about to tie the knot!

The perfect gift: Sugar Chic Gift Baskets

Overflowing with delicious sweet treats, our Sugar Chic gift baskets have the yummiest candy for your best gal. From Prosecco bears to chocolate rosebuds, these gift baskets have a variety of treats for your taste buds. Your bestie will love noshing on these at her bridal shower or bachelorette weekend- and if you’re lucky, she might even share!

The occasion: she’s about to become a mom!

The perfect gift: A Baby Gift Basket

The journey that is motherhood is exciting. And exhausting! If your bestie is getting ready to welcome a new bundle, treat her to one of our gift baskets that truly have it all. From onesies to rattles and stuffed animals to keepsakes, our baby gift baskets include a number of items she will love. Don’t run all over town trying to find the cutest items for your BFF’s new babe- we’ve got them all right here for you, wrapped in a gorgeous package and ready for gifting.

The occasion: She got the job! Or the promotion! Or she started her own business!

The perfect gift: Gift Baskets with Alcohol

Raise a glass to the amazing woman who just got what she was after: the next step in her professional career. Whether she is now an entrepreneur or working at her dream job, she is worth raising a glass to. Our alcohol gift baskets are the perfect way to say “Cheers!” They include items to much on as well as spirits to help you celebrate a big occasion. Please note: gift baskets containing alcohol can only be shipped within Ontario, Canada.

The occasion: it’s her birthday!

The perfect gift: Chocolate Gift Baskets

Chocolate is an exceptional gift for any occasion, and a birthday is no exception. Help her celebrate how awesome she is on the day that is all about her with our top-of-the-line chocolate gift baskets. We use only the finest chocolate for our gift baskets that will leave you wishing it was your birthday instead! We have chocolate gift baskets available at a variety of price points, so you are sure to find one that your BFF will love. 

The Nutcracker Team

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