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You don’t have to wait until the holiday season to send out gifts.

When you’re deciding when to give a gift or who to give a gift to, it’s important to remember to send gifts to the people who help make your business as great as it is.

And where would your company be without your clients?

You should send something to your client’s at least once a year. This keeps you on the top of their minds all year round. While some businesses cut back on these to reduce their costs, others continue gift giving in order to maintain important business relationships.

And what better way to say “ thank you for being our client ” then a gourmet gift basket.

When you give a gift to your clients, there are 3 essential components to take into consideration.


From spending time with your clients, in a meeting or over the phone, you should have some knowledge of their preferences. Use this information to buy a gift that is more personalized to let your clients know that you appreciate them. Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets has a wide variety of gift baskets for any occasion, with the option to personalize them with your corporate branding.


It’s important to respect your clients. That being said, you may want to avoid sending holiday gift baskets, such as Easter or Christmas, if you are unsure your client celebrates the same holidays as you. Also, it might send a wrong message if you send a gift when you are trying to close a deal or bidding for a contract. Pick a time that celebrates a client milestone – such as their business’s anniversary or when they launch a new product into the market. When to give a gift is just as important as the gift itself.

Company Regulations

Be cautious about sending a gift to clients that have company regulations around receiving gifts. There are some companies that don’t allow their employees to receive gifts. Do some research before sending a corporate gift basket in Toronto to make sure you aren’t defying a company’s protocol.

Say thanks to the clients who have helped your company reach success with a gift basket from Nutcracker Sweet. Visit one of our Toronto locations or call us at 1-888-688-2757.

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