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No family day gathering is complete without decadent treats to share with the ones you love the most!

Family Day is celebrated on the third Monday of February each year in Canada. Family Day is recognized as a time to come together and spend time with the ones who mean the most to you. Although it isn’t observed in every province, Family Day, in the areas of the country that celebrate it, usually sees the closure of businesses and schools so everyone can take a much-needed day off. 

Whether you plan to spend your holiday relaxing at home or out and about, Nutcracker Sweet has treats that will make you the life of any party. Whether you are hosting a Family Day gathering or attending one. Everyone will love your family day gift baskets filled with chocolate, assorted crackers and cheese and so much more. 

Top five gift baskets for your Family Day gathering

Sugar Chic Candy “The Sweet Spot”- Treat your loved ones to some sugary goodness this Family Day! This tray of treats has all the sweet without the sour. From Hershey’s Kisses to Sweet Peaches, this tray of sweet treats will be an instant hit at any party. You may not even want to share…

Party Pleaser Trays- Can’t decide if you should bring a better-for-you treat or an indulgent treat to your Family Day gathering? With these party-pleaser trays, you don’t have to pick! These trays, which come in different sizes with varying price points, are filled with salty and sweet treats so there is truly something for everyone.

Cheese Board Collection- The cheese board collection from Nutcracker Sweet is an elegant, sophisticated assortment of delectable cheeses and sweets to bring to any gathering. Family and friends alike will enjoy the cheese and compote combination with several styles of crackers that will leave them thinking you are the host with the most!

Gourmet Cookie Box- Cookies are always a good idea! People-pleasing and easy to share, our gourmet cookie box is full of yummy, gooey cookies that will accompany all the beverages at your gathering well. Shortbread cookies never go out of style, and this collection of cookies enables your guests to try several assortments so they can decide which style is their favorite. 

Taste-Full Tower- Talk about making a grand entrance! This tower of delightful, shareable sweets will make you the talk of your Family Day gathering. Guests will love diving into each treat-filled box in search of the snackable items that most appeal to them. From maple bites to Chicago-style popcorn and chocolate-covered pretzels to cranberries, this stack of snacks truly has something for everyone.

Nutcracker Sweet truly is your go-to spot for elegant local gift baskets in Toronto and across Canada, giftable items that are great for gatherings, parties, holidays, and more. What special occasion can we help you celebrate?

The Nutcracker Team

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